Here are the best S+ tier Augments in Arena mode currently in LoL Patch 13.14


League of Legends Arena Mode S+ Tier Augments To Capitalize On

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Arena mode was released on 20th July along with the big Soul Fighter event.
Augments are special game-altering effects that, once selected, apply to the rest of the current game.

The Arena mode, an amalgamation of Teamfight Tactics (TFT) and League of Legends, was released on 20th July along with the big 2023 Summer Event: Soul Fighter. Players had been eagerly awaiting this limited-time mode (LTM) and now that it is live on the client, they are making the most out of it. The Arena mode is very straightforward. Players are offered a simple system where they engage in many battles against other duos without having to farm, save gold, buy items, and scale up.

A big part of this game mode is the concept of Augments. These powerful scale-ups provide players and their champions with game-altering effects that, once selected, apply to the rest of the current game.

Here are the best S+ tier Augments in Arena mode currently.

Best Augments to Select in Arena Mode

League of Legends Arena Mode is currently in LoL Patch 13.14 alongside other game modes. Augments are just as important as the champions you choose in the game. Riot Games said, “These Augments are designed to combine in interesting ways with champion kits, augmenting their fantasy and forcing players to adapt to some really crazy situations.

According to, the following nine Augments are rated S+ or in the God Tier:

1. Witchful Thinking:

Gain 70 Ability Power

Tier: Silver

Pick Rate: 3.61%

2. The Brutalizer:

Gain 25 Attack Damage, 10 Ability Haste, and 15 Lethality

Tier: Gold

Pick Rate: 3.03%

3. Sonic Boom:

Granting a buff, heal, or shield to your ally deals 40 − 160 (based on level) true damage to enemies within 450 units of them and slows targets by 30% for 2 seconds (2 second cooldown).

Tier: SIlver

Pick Rate: 3.13%

4. Thread the Needle:

Gain 25% Armor Penetration and Magic Penetration.

Tier: Gold

Pick Rate: 2.52%

5. Lightning Strikes:

Gain 3 bonus attack damage per 10% attack speed.

Tier: Gold

Pick Rate: 2.52%

6. Executioner:

Deal 15% more damage to enemies below 50% health. Reset your basic abilities on takedown.

Tier: Silver

Pick Rate: 2.52%

7. Combo Master:

Gain the Electrocute and Phase Rush Keystone Runes.

Tier: Gold

Pick Rate: 2.38%

8. Infernal Soul

You gain the Infernal Soul, dealing bonus damage when you hit enemies with Abilities or Attacks.

Infernal Soul Effect: Damaging basic attacks and abilities trigger an explosion around the target, dealing 80 (+ 22.5% bonus AD) (+ 13.5% AP) (+ 2.75% bonus health) adaptive damage to the target and nearby enemies (3 second cooldown).

Tier: Silver

Pick Rate: 2.35%

9. Outlaw's Grit

After using a dash, leap, blink, or teleport Ability you gain 15 Armor and Magic Resist. (Total 75 and last the entire round)

Tier: Gold

Pick Rate: 1.94%

If you are looking to read up on more Augments in Arena mode in League of Legends, you must check out Devs Share: Augments That Almost Made It Into Arena Mode. The mode's developers opened up about some Augments that did not make it into the final version of Arena mode.

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