Devs Share: Augments That Almost Made It Into Arena Mode

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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Augments in Arena Mode


Arena Mode is a cross between TFT and League of Legends.
Augments are special game-altering effects that, once selected, apply to the rest of the current game.
Here are some Augments that did not make it into the final version of Arena mode.

The 2023 Summer Event in League of Legends – Soul Fighter – rolled out on 20th July and players have been so excited about it. The highlight of this event in League of Legends is the addition of Arena mode, a team deathmatch-like mode. Just like in Teamfight Tactics (TFT), Augments are special game-altering effects that, once selected, apply to the rest of the current game. There are over 100 Augments in Arena mode.

Riot Games said, “These Augments are designed to combine in interesting ways with champion kits, augmenting their fantasy and forcing players to adapt to some really crazy situations.”

In a recent Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) on Reddit about Arena mode, League of Legends Game Designer on the Summoners Rift Team, Madness Hero, talked about some of the Augments that did not make the cut into the final version of Arena mode.

Here’s all we know about these Augments.

Augments that did not make into Arena Mode

One Reddit user asked on the AMA thread, "Any crazy augments that didn't make the cut?" The developers had three that came to mind.

Madness Hero said one such Augment is named "Shitake Happens" and this involved placing a deadly Mushroom somewhere on the Arena map and stepping on it would make the player take damage.

1. Shitake Happens (Prismatic) - A deadly mushroom spawns somewhere randomly in the arena each round. Anyone can detonate it. Only you can see it.

He added, however, that there were many problems around this Augment and none of its versions "quite got there in time" for the release.

The second Augment that did not make it into Arena mode is Pass-a-Fist.

2. Pass-a-Fist (Prismatic) - You cannot attack. Your ally gains 50% of your Attack Damage (AD) / Attack Speed (AS) and their attacks trigger your on-hit affects.

Riot Games said this was meant to be a support augment with a fun thematic and unique build considerations. Ultimately it was cut for three reasons, according to Madness Hero:

  1. The abuse cases were really sharp.

  2. Attribution and understanding what was happening was tough for opponents.

  3. Not being able to attack flat-out negates many abilities like Leona Q.

The developer added, "In order to ship this we would have needed to make sure every ability that uses an auto attack gets applied to your ally and then functions (I press Leona Q and my teammates next auto attack stuns them), which would have been really cool but also a massive amount of scripting work."

The third Augment that was scrapped was a Gold one.

3. Flicker (Gold) - At start of combat and every 13 seconds, automatically teleport to a random location within the Arena and stealth for 1 second. Your first stealth each round lasts 3.5 seconds instead.

Flicker was reportedly a pretty divisive one. The thought of randoming teleporting start of round random teleport and becoming stealthy involved a lot of risk.

You can read about all the available Prismatic, Gold, and Silver Augments available in Arena mode here on League of Legends Arena Mode: How to Play, Augments & More.

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