Vantage's kit makes her a strong pick for long-range players, making people wonder if Vantage is too overpowered.


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Is Vantage Overpowered in Apex Legends?

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Vantage's kit makes her a strong pick for long-range players, making people wonder if Vantage is too overpowered.
We look at what makes the new legend so polarizing.

Apex Legends introduced a new legend, Vantage, to the fast-paced battle royale this season. A few weeks after her release, the community has been quick to form opinions about her. Some in the player base are calling her kit too overpowered (OP) while others are calling her underwhelming. In the days after her release on 9th August, Vantage’s pick rate skyrocketed as players eagerly tried out her kit. Just three days in, on 12th August Vantage's pickrate sat at an 11.62% pick rate according to the Apex Legends Status. Since then her pick rate has soared even higher and currently sits at 13.39%. With many pro players like Phillip "ImperialHal" Dosen, Jack "NiceWigg" Martin also chiming in about the recon legend, we take a look to determine if Vantage is too overpowered in Apex Legends.

Why do players think Vantage is too OP?

Vantage’s kit makes her a strong pick for players who play the long-range game. Her passive ability allows her to zoom in and gain information such as Legend name, shield rarity, team size, and range. She is also fairly mobile with her tactical and her ultimate provides a damage buff to your whole team when used right.

Pros like TSM ImperialHal weren’t a huge fan of the legend when she first came out deeming her to be “terrible as the game goes on more”.

When it comes to team compositions, having more than one recon character per team isn’t ideal. With Seer’s popularity rising, Vantage may not make it in a lot of pro teams. Seer’s information gathering potential is much higher than Vantage’s with the additional bonus of cancelling heals and revives. However, Vantage still has a longer range advantage and her damage buffs make her useful in the correct context, according to 100 Thieves’ NiceWigg.

The developers themselves were slightly apprehensive about her introduction to the game. Speaking to Dexerto, Lead Designer for Apex Legends Chris Winder said that during her development process, there were worries that her long-range playstyle would restrict players in a game where loot is based on RNG. Winder said, “problem compounded a little bit because to really play long-range as a sniper in Apex you need a sniper rifle and an optic, so you really need to roll the dice twice.” In order to counter that, they gave Vantage a sniper rifle as an ultimate.

This effectively gives her three guns which can be used at short, medium and long range. While her sniper rifle doesn’t deal as much damage as its counterparts, it gives your entire team a damage buff, which makes for great utility.

Vantage is also currently stronger than she was intended to be. Respawn Entertainment still has a number of bugs to iron out. A Redditor pointed out that both Vantage’s Spotter’s Lens and Sniper’s Mark abilities will identify the real Mirage and not highlight any of the decoys.

One Twitter user pointed out that Horizon’s ultimate Black Hole can be flown around the map, thanks to Echo and Vantage. Echo can also be used as a mobile heat shield carrier. There have been a number of similar bugs reported with Vantage so until Respawn decides to deal with them, she will likely keep breaking the game.

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