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How To Add Friends on Apex Legends

Nutan Lele
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Players can team up with a maximum of two other players to queue for matches.
To add friends in Apex Legends, players will need to use the 'Friends' tab in the main menu.
Apex Legends has crossplay (cross-platform play) enabled by default.

While Apex Legends can be a fun solo experience, playing with friends can make it even better. Players across platforms like Origin and Steam on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch can add friends on Apex Legends to queue up for matches. Players can team up with a maximum of two other players to queue for matches.To queue up with friends, you will need to add them to your friend list. Initially, players had to add friends from the Origin or Steam client and they would show up in the in-game friend list. Later on, Respawn added the option to add friends directly in game through the ‘Friends’ tab found in the main menu. Here is how to add friends on Apex Legends.

Adding Friends on Apex Legends

Here is how you can add friends in the game:

  1. Go to the ‘Friends’ tab from the main menu.

  2. Click on the ‘Find Friend’ option located at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Use 'Find Friend' to add friends on Apex Legends directly in game.

Respawn Entertainment

3. Type in your friend’s IGN and hit enter to search.

You can search for friends across platforms.

Respawn Entertainment

4. Click on their name to send them a friend request.

Note that this will require both you and the person you want to add to have EA accounts. If you can’t find a player, make sure they have cross-play enabled if they are on a different platform.

Apex Legends Cross-Platform

Cross-platform play arrived in Apex Legends back in Season 7. The game now has crossplay (cross-platform play) enabled by default. During matchmaking, PC players will only get matched up against other PC players. This also applies to console players. However, if it is a mixed party, then your team will be matched with other PC players. Respawn Entertainment has done this to “ensure that the console games don't have PC players” in their parties while still allowing console players to queue up with their PC friends if they opt-in.

Online players are color coded depending on what platform they are playing on. There is also an icon below their name to show the same.

Respawn Entertainment / Sick Retina

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