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Fennec In Rocket League: How To Get It? Why Do Pros Use It?

Nutan Lele
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The kind of car you use in Rocket League has a huge effect on your gameplay. While each car body looks unique, they fall into one of six default hitboxes. The Octane is the gold standard in Rocket League pro play. However, after Fennec was released two years ago, it has gained popularity among the pros over the standard Octane car body. DreamHack Montreal and Rocket League Championship Series Season 8 saw a spike in the usage rate of the Fennec car. Pros like Chausette45 from Team Reciprocity who played with Octane for a long time switched over to Fennec. We look at why the pros seem to favor the Fennec, and how you can get a Fennec for yourself.

How to Get Fennec in Rocket League?

Upon its release, the Fennec could be unlocked from the Totally Awesome Crate. However, now that crates are no longer an option, players will need to find other ways to get the Fennec.


Players can obtain the car through the Rocket League trading system. Players can ask their friends to trade them a copy of the Fennec or search online for it. Unpainted Fennecs are cheaper and you can later customize it to your liking.

Shop In-Game

Players may also find the Fennec in the in-game shop. However, you will need to purchase it for credits. You can obtain the Fennec by leveling up your Rocket Pass, getting item packs, or just purchasing enough currency in-game.


You may get a Fennec blueprint at the end of online matches.


When you play a Rocket League match, there’s a chance that you may get a random blueprint at the end as a reward. If you’re lucky, you may find a Fennec blueprint which you can later craft using a few credits. Note that blueprints are untradeable and only drop after completing online matches.

Why Do Rocket League Pros Use Fennec?

The Fennec car body was released on 1st July, 2019, and was available in the Totally Awesome Special Event Crate. Since then, this rectangular-shaped car has been making waves in professional play. As with all standard bodies, the Fennec is based on Octane's hitbox. After the Fennec’s release, several pros switched over to using it over Octane and it appeared more often in major Rocket League tournaments. The Octane hitbox is pretty well-rounded but the edges don't fit the boundaries of the hitbox.

Octane's visual model is much smaller than its actual hitbox.

The Fennec shares the same hitbox as the Octane but due to its square and bulkier body shape, it fills out the hitbox more. This helps Fennec players have a better idea of exactly where their car is going to hit the ball. Also, the underside of the Fennec is wider than the Octane which adds to better visual hitbox registration for players. Since most pro players are already used to the Octane, making a switch over to the Fennec is easier.

Most players enjoy the control and feel of the Octane. It is not too heavy or too light and with the right mechanics, makes it feel easy to hit hard shots. The Fennec is bigger and bulkier which makes it feel like there is more power behind each hit.

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