Players can also make their Rocket League replays look cinematic with the Replay FX and Director Mode tools.


Rocket League Replays: Where Are They Saved And How To Locate Them

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Players will need to save replays at the end of each match.
The saved replay files can only be viewed in-game.
Players will need to convert their Rocket League replays to video files using screen recording.

Watching Rocket League replays is a great way to relive your epic stunts and goals of the season. Rocket League highlights are not saved automatically, players will have to select the option to save the replays at the end of the match. Note that doing so will save the entire match as a replay. In 2019, developer Psyonix added an option to put replay effects. Replay FX helps players adjust the look of saved replays by adding filters, focus points, vignettes, and greenscreen effects that make the fan art possibilities endless. Here’s how to find your Rocket League replays.

How to Find Rocket League Replays

PC players will find their Rocket League replays saved by default in the following folder:

C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Rocket League\TAGame\Demos

These files have a *.replay extension, meaning they contain data for the game to recreate the match replay inside the game’s replay mode. Note that these files cannot be directly converted into videos. To create a video of your replays, players will need to use screen recording or a game recording software (e.g. OBS, FRAPS, ShadowPlay, etc.) while playing or watching in replay mode.

To find the replay files in-game, navigate to your profile in Rocket League’s main menu and select the ‘Replays’ option.

Players can relive their best moments in-game through an option in Profile.

Psyonix / Mr Plat

Your replays will appear in order of match date with the latest replay on top of the list.

Your Rocket League replays will appear in chronological order.

Psyonix / Mr Plat

Players on the Xbox One can press the illuminated Home button on their controller, navigate up to the top menu and start a capture. Run the replay, stop the video capture and then upload the video to whatever service they prefer. PlayStation users can hold the touchpad down during a match to auto-save their replay with a tick mark at the time you held it down.

Rocket League Replay FX and Director Mode

In 2017’s Autumn update, Pysonix launched the Director Mode Beta in Rocket League. The feature put an AI in charge of camera movement and placement while players watched replays or spectated matches. This was aimed at giving viewers the best angles and camera position possible without pushing a button. Director Mode can be found in the camera options available while spectating or watching replays and is a completely optional function.

In 2019, Pysonix also introduced the replay FX to the game. Replay FX lets players change the look of saved replays by adding filters, focus points, vignettes, and greenscreen effects to the replays.

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