Here are the best legend combinations in Apex Legends Season 14.


Best Legend Combinations in Apex Legends Season 14

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Apex Legends Season 14 brought a number of Legend buffs, nerfs and weapon changes. While the Valkyrie, Gibraltar, Caustic trio dominated ALGS this year, Season 14 has given rise to new offensive and defensive combinations. The rising popularity of Seer has made him a staple in several pro player team comps while Newcastle’s abysmal pick rate has picked up this season with a new defensive comp. Mad Maggie has also benefitted from her buffs and is showing up with Horizon in high rank Apex games. Caustic and Gibraltar are notably absent from high level play this season. Let’s look at some of the best legend combinations in Apex Legends Season 14.

Best Legend Combinations in Apex Legends Season 14

1. Seer-Valkyrie-Horizon

This trio is one of the Best Legend combinations currently being played.

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The Seer-Valkyrie-Horizon trio is already quite popular among pro teams. Teams are widely using them in recent minor tournaments and we’ll most likely see this combination feature heavily in the upcoming ALGS Pro League. What makes this trio so overpowered in the current meta is the amount of offense they bring to the table. As Raynday Gaming puts it, “no amount of defense can actually deal with it”.

The combination of high ground advantage, disruption and mobility this Legend trio brings to the table beats most defensive compositions currently being played. Seer’s tactical can be used to negate abilities like Gibraltar’s bubble as well as interrupt enemy heals and revives while Horizon’s tactical and Valkyrie’s passive lets them get to high ground whenever they want. This high ground advantage also beats defensive ultimates like Newcastle’s Castle Wall and keeps them out of area of effect zone ults like Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap. As an added bonus, Valkyrie’s ultimate helps the trio rotate easily across the map. Seer and Valkyrie both help sniff out enemies both in and out of cover with their passives and ultimates.

2. Valkyrie-Newcastle-Wattson

A new defense heavy combo, Wattson and Newcastle's ultimate compliment each other quite well.

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Valkyrie, Newcastle, Wattson lineup is also emerging as a popular defensive trio, especially with the Newcastle buff. Wattson’s Interception Pylon can negate Horizon’s ultimate, Valkyrie’s tactical and any and all ordnances thrown at her team. The Pylon is also protected by Newcastle’s Castle Wall, which forces teams to choose between ammo preservation and bringing it down. Newcastle’s Castle Wall can be fortified further with Wattson’s fences, deterring players from approaching it. Newcastle also provides excellent cover for Valkyrie to ult her team away from danger. Both his tactical and ultimate buys the Valkyrie time to set up and execute Skyward Dive.

3. Horizon-Pathfinder-Valkyrie

A good pick for both ranked and pubs.

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The squad synergy between this trio is really good, with all three legends having a way to gain high ground. While Horizon helps her whole team gain high ground with her tactical, Valkyrie and Pathfinder’s tacticals can help them reposition quickly and get new angles in a fight. Pathfinder and Valkyrie’s ultimates also help them cover great distances and rotate frequently across the map. They can also cover for each other’s downtimes; since Valkyrie has a three minute ultimate cooldown, Pathfinder can fill in with his ultimate, which can be refreshed even quicker if he finds a survey beacon.

4. Bloodhound-Mad Maggie-Horizon

An aggressive combination of speed and ultimates.

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Another strong aggressive composition, all three of their ultimates have great synergy. Bloodhound benefits from the extra movement speed Maggie’s Wrecking Ball provides on top of the already increased speed they get from Beast of the Hunt. Their frequent scans also help the whole team keep tabs on the enemy while Horizon can gather enemies together with her ultimate to set up for Wrecking Ball. Despite nerfs to Horizon’s ultimate this season, if pulled off correctly, this wombo combo can be devastating. Bloodhound can be swapped with Seer in this team comp, depending on player preference.

5. Rampart-Fuse-Vantage

The perfect trio to practically insta-down enemies from afar.

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An overload of firepower, this team composition is designed for long range mayhem. Vantage helps scout players from a distance and tags them with her ultimate Sniper's Mark. Following that, Rampart and Fuse rain down bullets and grenades from afar to do extra damage to enemies caught out in the open. Meanwhile, Rampart’s tactical is good for setting up cover for the team. If Sheila wasn’t enough, Fuse can rain down fire on enemies with the Motherlode. This comp is great for some casual fun in pubs.

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