Apex Legends Valkyrie Gibraltar Caustic Team Comp dominates ALGS Year 2 Championship 2022 meta with over 46% pick rate


One Team Comp Was The Key to Success at ALGS 2022 With Over 46% Pick Rate

Sadakshi Kalyan Ramun
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ALGS Year 2 Championship ended on 10th July with DarkZero emerging as the winners.
The Championship saw new legends break into the meta and also witnessed the skyrocketing pick rates that Valkyrie had.
Meanwhile, most teams in the tournament also leaned towards one particular composition which was highly successful.

The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Year 2 Championship 2022 concluded on 10th July and DarkZero, formerly known as Reignite, secured its second consecutive LAN title and became the first-ever Apex Legends world champion. It took home the lion’s share of $500,000 USD of the total prize pool of $2 Million USD to the Asia-Pacific (APAC) South region. At the start of the ALGS Year 2 Championship 2022, legends including Seer and Mad Maggie made quite a few appearances but as the tournament progressed, teams from across the worlds went back to comfort picks which are also very strong in the current meta.

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Most teams in ALGS leaned towards one particular team comp

According to the statistics shown in the PlayApex livestream, teams were heavily prioritizing the following legends:

  • Valkyrie

  • Gibraltar

  • Caustic

Apex Legends' ALGS team legend composition

At the end of Game 2 of the grand finals of the ALGS Year 2 Championship, the official stats revealed that Valkyrie, Gibraltar, and Caustic completely dominated the meta as a team composition (comp). The three legends as a comp had a pick rate of 46.89%. Interestingly, the legend composition which was in second place was nowhere close to this pick rate since the comp – Gibraltar, Seer, and Valkyrie – had only a pick rate of 13.85%.

Valkyrie dominates the meta

Valkyrie has always been a player favorite in Apex Legends and has a dedicated player base. As of 11th July, she has a pick rate of 10.7% across all ranks in the game, a 7.32% increase in picks. Thanks to her mobility, utility, and her powers as a Recon Agent, the Winged Avenger is one of the most powerful playable characters in the game at the moment. In the recently concluded ALGS Year 2 Championship, all the teams seemed to run a composition surrounding Valkyrie. In the Championship, she has a staggering pick rate of 98.05% and has been picked 1159 times. Notably, following Valkyrie is Gibraltar who has a pick rate of 72.59%. Given this massive spike in Valkyrie pick rates, the Apex Legends community is asking Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment to nerf the legend.

Apex Legends Valkyrie pick rate

All in all, the ALGS Year 2 Championship showed the incredible community support that the esports scene of Apex Legends enjoys. The ALGS broadcast ended with a piece of really exciting news: the ALGS is coming back for its third year of competition and was also widely hinted at by several of the game’s casters.

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