Seer-Valkyrie-Horizon is likely to dominate Apex Legends Season 14. 



Apex Legends Season 14: The Legend Picks That Will Dominate

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As Apex Legends prepares to go into Season 14, pros are experimenting with newer team compositions.
Here are the picks that Raynday Gaming thinks will dominate Season 14.

Apex Legends Season 14 is likely to bring some changes to the meta with Legend buffs, nerfs and weapon changes. Not to mention, the addition of Vantage will likely shake things up further. While the Valkyrie, Gibraltar, Caustic trio dominated ALGS this year, Season 14 may see the rise of new offensive and defensive combinations.

According to Raynday Gaming, the next big Legend trio to dominate Apex Legends Season 14 will be Seer, Valkyrie and Horizon. He says this combination is, “a team that has so much offense, no amount of defense can actually deal with it”. The Apex commentator thinks that Wattson, Newcastle and Valkyrie will emerge as the next big defensive lineup. Picks like Caustic and especially Gibraltar may never go out of the meta for public games, with Gibraltar’s dome still being one of the best defensive tacticals in the game. However, the rise of Seer picks may affect Gibby’s pick rate in the competitive sphere.

Apex Legends Season 14: The rise of Seer-Valkyrie-Horizon

The Seer-Valkyrie-Horizon trio is already gaining popularity among pro players in the run up to Season 14. With teams like TSM FTX and Furia using them in recent minor tournaments.

Seer-Valkyrie-Horizon is likely to dominate Apex Legends Season 14. 

The combination of high ground advantage, disruption and mobility this Legend trio provides beats most defensive compositions currently being played. Seer’s tactical can be used to negate Gibraltar’s bubble as well as interrupt enemy heals and revives while Horizon’s tactical and Valkyrie’s passive lets them get to high ground whenever they want. This high ground advantage also beats defensive ultimates like Newcastle’s Castle Wall and keeps them out of area of effect zone ults like Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap. Valkyrie’s ultimate helps the trio rotate easily across the map and her tactical proves a great offensive tool. A common strategy used is to drop the Horizon ultimate on the enemy and throw grenades at it, often leading the enemy to take a devastating amount of damage.

Raynday also predicts that in Season 14, a Valkyrie, Newcastle, Wattson lineup is likely to be popular as a defensive trio, especially with the Newcastle buff coming up. Wattson’s Interception Pylon can negate Horizon’s ultimate, Valkyrie’s tactical and any and all ordnances thrown at her team. This also helps protect Newcastle’s Castle Wall has so much health, it forces teams to choose between ammo preservation and bringing it down. It also provides some cover for the Wattson ultimate and can be fortified further with Wattson’s fences. Newcastle also provides excellent cover for Valkyrie to ult her team away from danger. Both his tactical and ultimate buys the Valkyrie time to set up and execute Skyward Dive.

How Vantage disrupts the meta in the upcoming season remains to be seen.

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