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Apex Legends Custom Games: Everything You Need to Know

Abhimannu Das
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Apex Legends custom games might be added in Season 13 as part of a future update.
Respawn is yet to confirm the leaks that hinted at the introduction of custom matches.
Custom games already exist but they are limited to special invites and tournaments only.

Apex Legends is set to offer its custom match access to all players later in Season 13, according to leaks. The feature was previously limited to pro players and content creators who received access from Respawn Entertainment for practice or private tournaments. It is also used in esports to create invite-only lobbies. Unlike private esports lobbies that are played on custom servers or even LAN at times, the Apex Legends Custom Match feature will be hosted on the same servers as matchmade games. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming feature.

Apex Legends Custom Matches: How it Works

Apex Legends’ custom matches work similar to Overwatch. Players can create their own private lobbies for both battle royale and arenas and there will be match settings available as well as admin control for the games. You can make your games public, which will allow players to browse custom games and join them. You can also make them private, and players will be able to join only if they know the password/match code for your lobby.

There is no official word on when Apex Legends custom matches will be available but leaks state that the feature will be available after the launch of Apex Legends Season 13. The new season and ranked split commenced on 10th May and if the leaks are true, it is only a matter of time until Respawn makes an official announcement for the arrival of Apex Legends custom games.

Apex Legends Custom Matches Could Open Up More Tournaments

Most Apex Legends tournaments that are hosted currently are either under the Apex Legends Global Series circuit or private events where streamers and pro players are invited. There is a distinct lack of casual events for the general playerbase to participate in for fun.

Respawn adding custom matches to Apex Legends shall allow anyone to host friendly events with their own set of rules. It could also allow players to load in solo and practice movement tech like tap strafing, neo strafing, or figure out the layouts of new maps.

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