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Shroud Calls Apex Legends the Best Battle Royale Game

Abhimannu Das
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Shroud thinks that Apex Legends is the most fun battle royale game for him while Fortnite is the most competitive one.
Even though he likes Apex the most, PUBG is his most-played battle royale title of all time.
Despite his love for Apex, he mentioned that Apex does have its problems which include server issues.

A recent video by popular Twitch streamer Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek highlighted a part of his stream where he talks about his favorite battle royale titles. He has streamed PUBG for the longest time, more than any other popular BR titles. However, he does not think PUBG is his favorite game. In terms of competitive play he thinks Fortnite is the best but in his personal opinion, Apex Legends is his clear favorite with PUBG being a close second. He went on to talk about how frustrating it is to play Warzone compared to other battle royale games and took a jab at players who are too invested in the Call of Duty franchise.

Why Apex Legends is Shroud’s favorite battle royale game

When he listed down his favorite battle royale games he mentioned “If I’m talking about the most fun I have, it’s different from what I think is the most competitive one, right?” He proceeded to say that Fortnite is the number one competitive BR while Apex Legends is number two. He added “but if we’re talking for me, my most personal fun, Apex Legends and PUBG are number one and two, and then three is Fortnite and then Warzone.”

He put Fortnite over Warzone because it is unique. However, just because Apex Legends is his number one game does not mean he thinks it is perfect. Shroud talked about how much of a “tilter” it is due to the server issues that the game constantly faces.

The game suffered multiple outages in recent weeks and DDOSing is an issue that Respawn is continuously trying to fix. Despite its shortcomings Shroud put Apex over PUBG, which is most streamed battle royale game till date.

He also proceeded to talk about how people who play Warzone and Call of Duty games need to “go out” and “touch grass.” Another popular streamer, Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm IV, feels completely differently about Apex. In April 2021, he tried his hands on Apex after months and said “I might not ever play this game again. I’m sorry ladies and gentlemen, I have absolutely f**king zero interest in this game – none, never have. A little bit early on, but that was fun, I was learning, it was fresh."

Popular streamers have completely different opinions on games and it should be up to players to decide what titles they have the most fun with.

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