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Apex Legends Servers Go Down With "Save Titanfall" Message Appearing In-Game

Abhimannu Das
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Apex Legends servers have apparently been taken over sending players to a website about saving Titanfall.
Respawn Entertainment has deployed a fix and is actively monitoring the game to see if the issue persists.
The company has confirmed that players’ personal information or accounts were not put at risk because of this attack

Earlier today, multiple Apex Legends servers were taken down and multiple game mode menus were replaced with a ‘savetitanfall.com’ message. The game's playlist which was renamed “SAVETITANFALL.COM | BRUH” also came with a message that read “TF1 is being attacked so is Apex.” Yesterday’s incident seems to have affected multiple platforms and nearly all Apex Legends servers. The issue has since been resolved with Respawn Entertainment deploying a fix to restore matchmaking in Apex Legends. According to the company players' personal information and accounts were not compromised because of this attack.

Apex Legends' new playlist


The Save Titanfall message on Apex Legends

Matchmaking issues with Apex started earlier today with playlist data being compromised causing servers to go down. As a result, players saw a screen that was nearly blank rather than the usual playlist options, such as Arenas or Duos. "savetitanfall.com" was also prominently featured in one of the playlists.

Titanfall 1 is the oldest game in the Titanfall and Apex universe and it is often subject to DDoS attacks and cheaters much like Apex Legends’ higher-tier ranked games. The link placed in Apex Legends leads to a website which markets itself as a central hub for information regarding the issues faced by Titanfall. However, the people behind the website claim that they are not associated with the hackers and vice versa on.

Last week, multiple pro Apex Legends players threatened to go on strike if Respawn refused to address some of their issues with the battle royale and it led to #saveapexranked trending on Twitter globally. Respawn has allegedly been unable to address the issue of hackers and DDoSers for well over eight months with Diamond, Master and Predator players being kicked out of games.

Apex Legends is experiencing a rough patch, with cheaters reportedly being able to wipe out lobbies, and multiple players reporting that cheaters are able to message anyone they want in-game. DDOS attacks are also seemingly very common with some streamers like Complexity Gaming’s Apryze and NRG sweetdreams allegedly facing dozens of cheaters every day and in the off chance they manage to kill the cheaters, the servers get shut down instantly to prevent any ranked points from being lost.

Respawn Entertainment has stated that it has released a server update that appears to have fixed the issue, but it might take “hours” for the fix to reach all servers.

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