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Apex Legends Community Trends #SaveApexRanked on Twitter

Abhimannu Das
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Pro players and streamers are unhappy with the state of Apex Legends' ranked mode and are threatening to go on strike.
#SaveApexRanked has been trending on Twitter after NRG Sweet put out a Twitlonger, voicing the community's opinions.
Respawn Entertainment is yet to offer visible solutions with the game being affected by rampant cheating for over eight months.

Apex Legends’ ranked mode has been in an unhealthy state with streamers and pro players running into cheaters very often. NRG’s Chris “sweetdreams” Sexton is just one of the dozens of pro players who have voiced their opinions on Apex Legends’ ranked mode for months but Respawn Entertainment or EA have been unable to resolve the cheater problem so far. Sweet recently laid out a detailed Twitter post and at the time of writing, #SaveApexRanked is trending on Twitter. Here is what the pro players want from the developers of the game.

NRG Sweet’s thoughts on Apex Legends’ ranked mode and what needs to change

Multiple players have voiced their opinions on the game’s current cheater problem and according to the conversations between Respawn’s Director of Communications Ryan K. Rigney and other pro players and content creators, the studio has been promising fixes for over three months. NRG Sweet put out a twitlonger post which led to #SaveApexRanked trending on Twitter.

He mentioned “We are going into about the 8th or 9th consecutive month of cheating and DDOSing being the principle issue facing the ranked ladder and its integrity. Streamers’ ability to consistently make content while playing ranked, and the general quality of life of anyone who plays ranked at a high level across any region has been declining and fast.”

He shared his experience of how he ran into an average of 8-12 cheaters per match in servers like Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. The player wants a system where streamers and other pro players to get agency in banning cheaters that they run into. With no solution in sight and Respawn being incapable of fixing the issue at hand, Sweet wants members of the community to be given power to help with the cheater problem.

He concluded his post stating “don't let Respawn’s tweet about intentions to help ranked fool you, we have heard these thanks multiple times in the past with NO results. Let this tweet serve as a way to hold them accountable for what they say is going to happen.”

Respawn Responds to NRG Sweet

Respawn’s Director of Communications Ryan K. Rigney responded stating “There are very valid complaints in here—we've gotta crack down on the cheating and make real progress. Actions are needed, not just words.” But after acknowledging the issues, Rigney talked about how Sweet dismissing Respawn’s efforts is “unproductive.”

Pro players and streamers TSM Snip3Down, Zipeth and TheKine immediately jumped to Sweet’s defence and lashed back at the Respawn employee talking about how fixes have been promised for months but there are no visible results so far. It remains to be seen if the studio is able to control the cheater problem before things spiral out of control.

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