Dr Disrespect Does Not Want to Play Apex Legends on Youtube Anymore


Dr Disrespect Does Not Want to Play Apex Legends on Youtube Anymore

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  • Dr Disrespect revealed that he is not willing to play Apex Legends on YouTube because of its low viewer count on the platform.
  • He is currently invested into Warzone and Valorant and will continue to play his two favourite games at the moment.
  • He is also looking forward to Battlefield 6 and thinks that it can become the next big shooter to take over Warzone's popularity.

Dr Disrespect revealed that he does not want to play Apex Legends on YouTube anymore even though he said he liked learning the game at one point. In a recent stream, he talked about how the game’s viewership is quite poor on the platform unlike Twitch and he will not get the same amount of traction and viewers. It looks like fans who want to see Dr Disrespect play Apex Legends will be disappointed. The streamer is currently hooked to Warzone and he also streams Valorant occasionally. 

Why Will Dr Disrespect Not Stream Apex Legends on YouTube Anymore?

In one of Dr Disrespect’s recent streams, someone donated and asked the streamer if he will play Apex Legends again. The streamer admitted that it is not something that he plans to do because the YouTube viewership for the game is not big enough to warrant streaming it. He said “I mean I can, but the problem with YouTube is that they have no streaming community. If I just casually move over to Apex, a game that’s old (and it has been out for) a year or two. I mean, sh*t.” 

The streamer fell out of love with the game last year and has been hooked to Warzone for a while now. In March 2020, he said “I might not ever play this game again. I’m sorry ladies and gentlemen, I have absolutely f**king zero interest in this game – none, never have. A little bit early on, but that was fun, I was learning, it was fresh."

Since his move to YouTube, Dr Disrespect gained a lot of traction and he does not wish to lose viewers by playing games that are not popular on the platform. His stance might change in the future but for now, he will be sticking to Valorant and Warzone. He is also looking forward to Battlefield 6 and thinks that it can take over Warzone’s popularity once it launches. 

Is Apex Legends Popular on Twitch?

On Twitch, the game tells a different story altogether with it being one of the most viewed titles on the platform. It sits comfortably in the top 10 and multiple streamers who cross the 10,000 concurrent viewer mark including IitzTimmy, LG_ShivFPS and TSM_ImperialHal who are the three biggest streamer in the category. Shroud is also someone who occasionally streams the game and he has been playing recently in Season 9. 

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