All Diablo Themed Skins in Overwatch 2

Blizzard is bringing plenty of entertainment.

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All Diablo Themed Skins In Overwatch 2


Diablo has collaborated with Overwatch 2 as part of the first-ever Blizzard crossover.
As part of this collaboration, a new co-op survival game mode called Trials of Sanctuary has been launched on Overwatch 2.
Here are all the Diablo skins that have made their way in Overwatch 2 as part of this crossover.

The next big update, Overwatch 2 Season 7, is all set to release on 10th October. It will bring new features and many changes along with it, including a first-ever Blizzard crossover game mode called Trials of Sanctuary which will be part of the Halloween Terror Event.

However, the best part about this Overwatch 2 x Diablo crossover is the various themed skins that players will be able to get for themselves and some of them look absolutely fantastic.

This has resulted in Season 7 being named Rise of Darkness, to encompass everything under a single theme and maintain symmetry across all cosmetic items, skins, events, and more.

Here are all the Diablo skins available in Overwatch 2, which many in the community are eagerly looking forward to.

Overwatch 2 Blizzard Crossover: All Diablo Skins

According to official information, four Diablo skins in total have been released in Overwatch 2 as part of the Halloween Terror Event.

  1. Lilith Moira

  2. Azmodan Wrecking Ball

  3. Inarius Pharah

  4. Imperious Reinhardt

Lilith Moira

As part of the Halloween Terror Event, Lilith Moira is the final boss that players will have to defeat in the new co-op survival game mode which has been inspired by classic dungeon crawlers.

Apart form that, this beautiful yet sinister looking skin will be available to all players as part of the Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle. For now, this seems to be the only possible way to attain this particular skin.

Just like Lilith, the iconic villain from Diablo, Moira too seems to have a cynical view about justice, which gives them a common ground to build upon and the response to this skin by the community has been outstanding.

Diablo Skin in Overwatch 2: Lilith Moira

Azmodan Wrecking Ball

Azmodan, the Lord of Sin and Lesser Evil of the Burning Hells, definitely bears some resemblance to Wrecking Ball in terms of how they are represented, making for a perfect adaptation.

Similar to the skin above, Azmodan Wrecking Ball is one of the final bosses that players will be facing during the Halloween Terror Event.

Diablo Skin in Overwatch 2: Azmodan Wrecking Ball

Inarius Pharah

Inarius the rogue angel from Diablo, who was once an archangel of the High Heavens and a former partner of Lilith, has been combined with Pharah from Overwatch 2, who can be seen as an angel in her own right due to her ability to fly around the map and rain havoc from the skies.

The skin is a great adaptation of the dark character and is definitely one of the most terrifying skins of this short collection of crossover skins.

Diablo Skin in Overwatch 2: Inarius Pharah

Imperious Reinhardt

In Diablo, Imperius is the archangel of Valor and the actual ruler of the Angiris Council, and has been perfectly represented in the form of Reinhardt from Overwatch 2. They both also share a similar build and characteristics like having an excess of pride and rashness, which often leads to reckless acts.

This is a great, majestic-looking skin and those that are fans of the popular tank hero will surely be itching to get their hands on this handsome outfit.

Diablo Skin in Overwatch 2: Imperious Reinhardt

These are the latest Diablo skins to be rolled out in Overwatch 2 but even in the past this other popular Blizzard title has influenced skins like Demon Hunter Sombra which was a 2019 Blizzcon Virtual Ticket exclusive item and Butcher Roadhog which was released in January 2018.

Interestingly, the very exclusive Demon Hunter Sombra is undergoing a color change and will be rolled out as Gilded Hunter Sombra as part of the Halloween Terror Credits Shop.

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