Taiga Opens Up About His Gambling Addiction

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Taiga talks about his struggles with gambling</p></div>
Taiga talks about his struggles with gambling



In a lengthy statement shared on social media, Taiga and opened up about his personal journey and battle with gambling addiction.
Taiga also talked about his commitment to returning to Dota 2 esports.

In a heartfelt statement posted on Twitter, professional Dota 2 player Tommy "Taiga" Le revealed the truth about his battle with gambling addiction. The 25-year-old Norwegian player, widely recognized for his tenure with teams like Alliance, Team Liquid, and OG, took the courageous step to open up about his struggles. He hoped that talking about the challenges he faced might offer support to others dealing with similar issues.

On Twitter, he said, “Like I mentioned in the text down below, if you ever need anyone to talk to or if you’ve struggled with similar things like I’ve had, don’t be afraid to send me a message on any of my social media. I know how hard and destructive addiction can be.

Taiga Talks About His Gambling Addiction & Recovery

According to Taiga’s statement, he found himself in the clutches of addiction after he gradually started losing his passion for esports and Dota 2. 

He noted that he started gambling after The International 2022 (TI11) and started with the FIFA World Cup 2022, eventually expanding to other sports and casino games. With the passage of time, Taiga noted that he was regretful of wasting everything that he worked hard for.

He said, “Everyday was a nightmare thinking about what I had lost and worked so hard for, all the hours and years that I spent on grinding, went to waste just like that in the span of a couple months.” 

Throughout his message, Taiga confessed to the implications of his addiction, which extended well beyond financial losses. His principles, character, and behavior underwent changes, rendering him unrecognizable to himself. The burden of guilt and shame constrained him, making him incapable of seeking help or confiding in his loved ones, he revealed.

The turning point arrived when Taiga resolved to confront his addiction head-on, sharing his trials and tribulations with his family and friends. While it was a hard step to take for all parties involved, it marked the inception of his journey towards recovery. Fundamental to Taiga's recovery was his commitment to therapy.

Taiga at The International 11&nbsp;

Taiga noted that after several months of relentless self-examination, self-rediscovery, and the vigilant guidance of a dedicated therapist, he managed to reclaim his mental fortitude. 

He said, “Going through these phases of life made me treasure Dota, esport and the people I had around me more a lot more and how much I really appreciate and miss them.” He also extended heartfelt apologies for the pain he had inadvertently inflicted upon those who held him in esteem.

After openly talking about his struggles, Taiga expressed a fervent aspiration to return to the competitive gaming arena as a player. He stated that he will start playing Dota 2 and stream and go back to his former hobbies. Taiga also noted his commitment to his new team that he is signing with in another region.

Earlier in the year, in May, Taiga revealed that he was battling anxiety and depression. In August 2023, he was moved to the inactive roster of OG, and was later loaned to Wildcard Gaming for The International 2023 qualifiers.

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