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Taiga Opens Up About His Absence from OG: An Update on His Situation

Dhruv Saikia
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OG has been competing in the Dota 2 Pro Circuit (DPC) Western Europe (WEU) 2023 Tour 3: Division I without its position 4 player, Tommy “Taiga” Lee.
Instead, the team has competed with Adam “Aramis” Moroz as a stand-in for the past 3 games, leaving fans to speculate about his absence.
In a recent Discord post, Taiga shares an update about his absence, stating that he has been battling depression and anxiety, and undergoing therapy to help him recover.

Throughout the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Western Europe (WEU) Tour 3: Division I, OG was found competing without their position 4 players, Tommy "Taiga" Le. Instead, they played with Adam "Aramis" Moroz as a stand-in, leaving fans curious about Taiga's absence and the lack of official announcements. Speculation and baseless rumors began circulating, but recently, Taiga took to Discord to provide an update to his fans, shedding light on the reasons behind his absence and putting an end to the speculation.

Battling anxiety and depression: Taiga’s Perspective

In his update, Taiga disclosed that he has been struggling with anxiety and depression for some time, and these challenges intensified after The International (TI). Despite appearing fine on the surface, Taiga admitted that he was silently battling inner turmoil, which had a noticeable impact on his in-game performances, describing them as "shaky." However, he emphasized that he has been undergoing therapy, which has been instrumental in his journey toward recovery. The therapy sessions have helped him regain his motivation and drive, leading to his involvement in streaming and playing pub games

Taiga’s absence and DPC future

OG had first announced Taiga’s absence from competitive Dota 2 back on 16th May due to ‘private issues’ and that Aramis will be a stand-in for the team. With his absence, OG has struggled in their DPC games, losing two of the three series it has played so far, losing 2-1 to Tundra Esports, Quest and Esports, while beating Team Secret. 

It is also worth noting that teams in the DPC are only allowed to play 4 games with a stand-in, and OG has played 3 out of their 4 allowed games with a stand-in so far. The team’s 4th game will be on 26th May against Team Liquid, followed by a 5th game on 29th May Against Gaimin Gladiators. 

OG could be disqualified from the DPC Tour technically, if they continue to use a stand-in for more than four matches. However, Valve has created provisions in the past for situations where unavoidable physical or mental health concerns hinder a player from participating in the DPC.

Unfounded rumors on Taiga's absence

Unfortunately, during his absence, unfounded rumors started to circulate, damaging Taiga's reputation. Some individuals speculated that he may have been involved in match-fixing or was kicked from OG due to a perceived high number of first-bloods conceded. It is important to note that these rumors lacked any credible evidence and were likely fueled by misinformation.

Taiga’s recent update has shed light on his absence from OG and provided fans with a clearer understanding of the challenges he has been facing. By openly discussing his battle with anxiety and depression, Taiga has demonstrated his strength and resilience in addressing mental health issues. It will also be interesting to see how OG deal with the problem of playing DPC games with a stand-in for more than 4 games and whether the organizers or Valve will intervene.

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