Gorgc is having trouble maintaining his communication score and he blamed the "fake" reports that he is often dished out as primary reason.


Gorgc Struggles To Improve Communication Score, Blames "Fake" Reports

Dorjee Palzang
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Gorgc is having trouble maintaining his communication score and he blamed the "fake" reports that he is often dished out as primary reason.
He took to Twitter to share that he only gained 100 score in the last thirty games despite no communication.

Janne "Gorgc" Stefanovski is one of the biggest names in the Dota 2 community. Recently, the streamer has been having trouble maintaining his communication score. In an earlier stream, his communication score dropped below the 8000 mark which disabled his coaching, pinging ally abilities, and voice communication features. Gorgc then decided to rebuild his communication score by maintaining a positive demeanor. However, he revealed that despite not typing or using voice chat for over thirty games, he was reported several times for communication abuse.

Gorgc Struggles to Rebuild Communication Score

I got reported for comms three times when I didn't say a word. I didn't say a word and I didn't open my mic and I didn't type at all for 30 games straight,” exclaimed Gorgc, expressing his frustration. 

Although he claimed to have not been communicating with his teammates for the last thirty games, he was reported multiple times by multiple parties for communication. He showed his viewers the recent reports he received on stream. It had three communication reports, all of which Gorgc claimed to be false as he barely communicated.

On 9th January, Gorgc took to X to tweet, “30 games of almost no typing, almost no pings, no tips got me +100 score.” He also sarcastically added, “Only 1300 games of this for a 12K score again! Nice!

Commenting on this tweet, one user said, “I stopped playing Dota. Because I went from 10K to 5.6K in 60 games. In 10 years of Dota I’ve never had behavior score this low. The system is a joke.

It was on 4th January, Gorgc first saw his communication score dip. After finishing a game of Dota 2, Gorgc was greeted by the match rewards and was shocked to see his communication score decrease by a 1000 points. He said, “I lost a 1000 [communication] score? Dude! I swear I have not even flamed that much. I literally have not flamed that much... Do you understand what's being done to me in the past few games?"

Another streamer with a similar problem is Mason "mason" Venne who was earlier banned for utilizing behavior-boosting services. After his ban, mason has been playing on a new account and recently calibrated back to his old MMR of 8,000. Even so, his communication score still seems to have taken a hit and currently sits under the 8000 mark. As a result, mason has to deal with coaching, pinging ally abilities, and voice chat features being disabled on his account.

The streamer later stated he was going to play a series of games with a PMA [Positive Mental Attitude] to see the change in his behavior and communication score.

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