mason Hopes To Improve His Behavior Score By Going ‘Positive Mental Attitude’

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mason, whose main Dota 2 account was banned for utilizing behavior boosting services, revealed his new account's behavior score
He said he will be going into PMA mode for the next 19 games to see how much his behavior score improve

Dota 2 streamer Mason "mason" Venne, who made headlines earlier this month after getting banned live on stream for using behavior-boosting services, started playing Dota 2 again on a new account. His new behavior score after 50+ hours was subpar. The American player known for his outrages in Dota 2 noted that he will go into PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) mode for the next 19 games to see how much his behavior score changes.

mason’s New Account Behavior Score Revealed

mason’s main account was banned earlier this month due to his utilization of behavior-boosting services. The “Highly Toxic Lump of Coal'' gift from Valve effectively banned his main account till 2038. 

During a recent Twitch stream, mason revealed his behavior score on his new account. mason’s behavior score on the new account, after 50+ hours of gameplay, stood at 8874 with disabled coaching. His communication score was 7490 and this effectively disabled features like pinging ally abilities, voice chat, and coaching. 

mason speculated that his points dropped because of an earlier game he played. However, he took it on his chin and said, “I’m going to show you guys 19 games of PMA. Let's see how many points we can get by being PMA. Let's see, let's see how many points we can score by being PMA.

If you are unaware about behavior and communication scores in Dota 2, you should note that they were added to the game this year. In the Summer Client update for Dota 2, Valve made it clear that a player’s behavior score (capped at 12,000) will not only affect matchmaking but also affect the features they have access to including post-game item drops, game pausing, and ranked play. Likewise, one’s communication score (also capped at 12K) will affect pinging ally abilities, coaching, tipping, text, and voice chat.

If a player’s communication score tanks below a certain number, they will be subjected to text and voice mute with all other communication on a thirty-second cooldown.

mason Asks For Another "Coal" Gift From Valve

Interestingly, despite his promises of being a better player, in an earlier game, mason was caught raging. He went on a rant and exclaimed, “You guys wanna report me? You guys wanna be fu***g r****ds? Okay, I’ll do this too. I’ll play r*tard too, I cannot ruin games? I can ruin games too. I’ll ruin games, I’LL RUIN EVERY FU***G GAME. I don’t care, I don’t care, give a ban. Give me another coal you stupid fat fu****g r***d. Valve you fu****g r****d.

mason is known for raging and having dramatic outbursts on stream. After his main account was banned mason delivered an emotional and heartfelt message and accepted his punishment. He said that he would refrain from playing Dota 2 for a month as a form of punishment during which time he tried his hands at other games like League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and Elden Ring. However, he was seen playing Dota 2 again after a few days.

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