Bleed Esports Part Ways With Taiga After a Short Time Together


Bleed Esports Parts Ways With Taiga After a Short Time Together

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Bleed Esports Dota 2 announced Taiga's departure after only a month of his joining. During this time, he played in two events.
Taiga announced that he's a free agent headed into 2024 and that he is looking for a new team.

Tommy "Taiga" Le, who recently made a comeback to professional Dota 2 after being on a break due to personal problems, has parted ways with Bleed Esports. The organization and the pro player only spent a month together. During this time with Bleed Esports, Taiga participated in two events for the team but couldn’t find success in either of the tournaments. Bleed Esports took to X to announce Taiga’s departure from the team while Taiga made it known that he was looking for a new home.

Taiga’s Brief Time With Bleed Esports

On 29th December, Bleed Esports tweeted that it was parting ways with its position five support, Taiga. He joined Bleed Esports just last month in November 2023 along with Natthaphon "Masaros" Ouanphakdee and Daryl "iceiceice" Koh. Notably, this was Taiga's first stint in the Southeast Asian region after having spent most of his career playing in the European region for teams like Alliance, Team Liquid, and OG.

During this brief time together with Bleed Esports, the team participated in the ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 closed qualifiers but failed to qualify after being knocked out by the newly formed team Aurora. Following this failure, the team went on to participate in a Tier 4 tournament called Kobolds Rave but was still unable to find success. Bleed Esports only managed to secure a fourth-place finish in this online tournament.

Taiga tweeted, “Short but it was fun trying out a new region nonetheless. Gotta shoutout to @HadesCasts for helping out alot during the process and felt comfortable during my stay, and wish you guys better luck forward.” 

He also announced that he was going to be a free agent in 2024 and that he is LFT (Looking For Team). Taiga announced, “Heading into 2024 I will be free. Open for any discussions and LFT.

Recently, at the end of October 2023, Taiga opened up about his battle with gambling addiction. According to Taiga’s statement, he found himself in the clutches of addiction after he gradually started losing his passion for esports and Dota 2. 

He noted that he started gambling after The International 2022 (TI11) and started with the FIFA World Cup 2022, eventually expanding to other sports and casino games. With time, Taiga noted that he was regretful of wasting everything that he worked hard for.

On Twitter, he said, “Like I mentioned in the text down below, if you ever need anyone to talk to or if you’ve struggled with similar things like I’ve had, don’t be afraid to send me a message on any of my social media. I know how hard and destructive addiction can be.

After openly talking about his struggles, Taiga expressed a fervent aspiration to return to the competitive gaming arena as a player. He stated that he would start playing Dota 2 and stream and go back to his former hobbies. He stayed true to his word by joining Bleed Esports.

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