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Eva Elfie Wanted To Do a Masked Cosplay At TI12

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Eva Elfie revealed that she wanted to surprise the fans at The International 2023 by doing a cosplay.
Eva Elfie, in her TI12 vlog, showed fans around the arena and also talked about how cosplays are labor-intensive.

Adult film actress Eva Elfie has been making headlines in the Dota 2 community recently. She was spotted at The International 2023 (TI12) last month and she also raised money to add to the historically low TI prize pool this year.

In a recent YouTube video, Eva Elfie provided viewers with an inside look at The International 2023, which was held in the chilly locale of Seattle. Eva, who serves as an ambassador for 1xbet, shared her experiences, and insights, and even expressed her desire to engage in cosplay on the grand stage of TI1.

Eva Elfie Takes Fans Around TI12 Venue

At the start of the video, Eva Elfie started reminiscing about her visit to Singapore for TI11 a year prior, noting the contrasting weather conditions. She also explained how grateful she is to travel to esports events and record content for fans.

While showing around the arena, Elfie Elfie opened up about her aspirations to participate in the cosplay competition during the event. While explaining how the cosplay competition works at The International, Eva Elfie revealed that she contemplated creating a cosplay outfit for TI12. She talked about the challenges associated with the elaborate and time-consuming process. 

She stated that she initially wanted to do a masked cosplay, go on stage, and later reveal her identity and surprise the audience. She said, “Cosplay is labor-intensive and takes a lot of hard work, it is difficult to make. I had an idea this year to do a cosplay: Come to TI12, go on stage, and then open the mask and show my face so that everyone would be surprised. But it is difficult, it requires a lot of money, time, and effort. Maybe I'll do a cosplay next year.

Eva Elfie, through her vlog, documented the behind-the-scenes action at TI12, showcasing the visually appealing arena filled with dedicated fans. She commended the event organizers for their meticulous planning and expressed appreciation for the intricate details of the cosplay competition.

The video also featured Eva Elfie's exploration of the Secret Shop and her culinary adventure at the event. She highlighted the comfortable atmosphere at the venue where attendees could enjoy an immersive experience.

At the end of the video, Eva Elfie's excitement during the Grand Final between Team Spirit and Gaming Gladiator was apparent. She cheered for Team Spirit, expressing joy at its victory and capturing the positive and exciting atmosphere of the event. Notably, Eva Elfie’s offer to contribute $25,000 towards the prize pool to go to the TI12 winner was not taken up by Team Spirit. The TI12 winner rejected the generous offer.

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