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Eva Elfie Comes to the Rescue of The International 2023 Prize Pool

Dorjee Palzang
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The International 2023's prize pool is the lowest ones the community has seen in years.
Now, Eva Elfie announced that she will contribute her earnings towards TI12 prize pool.

Eva Elfie, a well-known Russian adult film actress who has recently been gaining recognition for her presence at major esports events, has made a remarkable commitment to contribute her earnings towards The International 2023’s (TI12) prize pool. This generous gesture comes in response to concerns regarding the comparatively smaller prize pool for this year's tournament and aims to enhance the overall experience for both players and fans.

Eva Elfie’s Commitment to Boost TI12 Spirit & Prize Pool

Eva Elfie's involvement in the gaming community has drawn attention in recent times, and this seemingly stands as an indication of her growing interest and involvement in the esports world. She attended The International 2022 in Singapore, where she lent her support to Tundra Esports. This year, for TI12 which is happening in Seattle, Eva Elfie has extended her support to Talon Esports.

The International, often referred to as TI is one of the most prestigious Dota 2 tournaments globally. It attracts elite teams and passionate fans from all corners of the globe and is like Christmas for Dota 2 players. However, The International 2023 has faced criticism due to its notably reduced prize pool, deviating from the record-breaking prize pools seen in previous editions of the tournament.

Eva Elfie, taking to her Instagram, addressed these concerns. She wrote on a post, "People saying there are 3 bad things with this TI12: 1. The hotel is bad 2. The atmosphere is sad 3. The prize pool is poor. I can't help with the first one but I can try solving the others! "

She went on to declare, "All my ‘Onlyfans’ money earned during the event (starting 27th October) is gonna be added to the prize pool for the TI winners! I guess it's a much better way to spend 10 bucks than buying a Compendium with no items in it "

Moreover, Elfie assured her fans and gaming enthusiasts that she would be present at the arena throughout the tournament, to boost the spirit of the attendees, especially during the occasional Seattle rain.

The prize pool at the time or writing sits at a measly $3,113,097, a record low in the past eight years. Many Dota 2 pros and personalities have openly bashed the puny prize pool.

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