Eva Elfie's TI12 contribution denied by Team Spirit


TI12 Champion Team Spirit Declines Eva Elfie's $25,000 Addition To the Prize Pool

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Eva Elfie raised $25,000 USD to add to the prize pool of The International 2023.
According to Eva Elfie, Team Spirit, the winning team of TI12, declined her contribution.

In a surprising turn of events, Team Spirit, the victor of The International 2023 (TI12), has declined a generous donation of $25,000 USD from adult content creator Eva Elfie. The donation was intended to bolster the TI12 prize pool which stood at a sum of just over $3 Million USD.

The prize pool of TI12 has been a subject of concern in the Dota 2 community given how low it was this year.

Just ahead of the TI12 finals weekend, Eva Elfie committed to donating all of her OnlyFans revenue starting from 27th October. However, according to Eva Elfie herself Team Spirit has opted not to accept the contribution.

Eva’s Funds Declined by Team Spirit

Eva Elfie announced via Instagram on 27th October her commitment to addressing the issue of the TI12 prize pool. She noted that the prize pool for TI12 was insufficient and pledged her OnlyFans earnings to the prize pool.

With TI12 grand finals done and dusted and with Team Spirit crowned winners, Dota 2 fans were wondering what happened to Eva Elfie’s promise. Right on cue, on 1st November, Eva Elfie talked about her addition to the TI12 prize pool. 

Via a Telegram post, Eva Elfie said, “I also want to say that I've seen a lot of different reactions in the media and social media about this story and I want to make a statement.” 

She outlined her motivations for donating, stating that she did it for amusement and to draw attention to the plight of the TI12 prize pool. She acknowledged that TI12 had attracted fewer viewers and faced player complaints due to this.

Her efforts raised $20,000 from her OnlyFans in three days, and she pledged an additional $5,000 from her pocket, bringing the sum to $25,000. Eva Elfie intended to bolster the winnings for the victorious team, Team Spirit.

However, Team Spirit has declined the donation. The team's decision likely appears to be rooted in its reluctance to associate itself with the source and nature of the donation.

Eva Elfie noted, “I asked the winning team how to transfer the money to them, but they refused. I completely understand them and I ask you not to judge anyone. This is sports and not every organization is willing to associate themselves with stories like this.

Team Spirit’s total earnings for this TI was $1,432,555 (45% of the TI12 prize pool).

Eva Elfie also sought the input of her followers and the esports community regarding the allocation of the $25,000. She proposed two options: Donate the funds to the runner-ups Gaimin Gladiators or organize a separate tournament and add the money to the prize pool. She invited feedback and comments from her audience to help determine the most appropriate course of action.

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