Entity watson shares carry tier list for patch 7.35b, places Morphling on top



EU's Top Ranked Player watson Shares Carry Tier List for Patch 7.35

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Entity's position one player Alimzhan "watson" Islambekov released a carry tier list based on his experience playing pubs in patch 7.35b.
In patch 7.35b, the tier list for 18 carry heroes was divided into S, A, and B.
Morphling took the top spot in S Tier, while Windranger was the lowest ranked, finding itself in B Tier.

In ranked games, Entity's position one player Alimzhan "watson" Islambekov has been the number one ranked player for close to a year in Europe, marking one of the most dominant stretches for any professional. From his recent experience playing pubs in patch 7.35b, he shared a carry tier list. In the top spot was Morphling, a hero who has gained popularity in recent months thanks to the introduction of new items like Disperser and Khanda. Moreover, there were other heroes in S Tier with increased pick rates, as well as a surprising Wind Ranger at the absolute bottom of the list in B Tier.

Entity watson shares carry tier list for patch 7.35b, places Morphling on top

Watson compiled a tier list split into S, A, and B for 18 heroes in patch 7.35b on his Telegram channel.

S Tier

  • Morphling

  • Templar Assassin

  • Faceless Void

  • Luna

  • Slark

  • Naga Siren

Watson had six heroes in the S tier, with Morphling heading the pack. According to Dotabuff, the hero's pick rate has increased since the release of patch 7.35, however, the win rate has remained relatively stable at roughly 45%. Faceless Void is the most notable here since it has increased not just its pick rate but also its win rate from 48% to over 50%.

A Tier

  • Terrorblade

  • Lina

  • Monkey King

  • Arc Warden

  • Anti-Mage

  • Pudge

Except for Terroblade, there are largely situational carry heroes in the A Tier. An unexpected part of this tier was that Watson has pushed Anti-Mage down the tier list. With the Battle Fury into Manta Style into Diffusal item build, the hero recently acquired popularity. Since the release of patch 7.35b, Anti-Mage's victory and pick rates have also improved.

B Tier

  • Chaos Knight

  • Sven

  • Phantom Lancer

  • Ursa

  • Weaver

  • Windranger

Watson's list has seen heroes like Chaos Knight and Sven who were popular in the previous patch fall in rank, while Windranger, who is placed at the bottom, is gaining popularity. Despite Windranger's pick rate rising from 9 to 13%, the hero's win rate has not seen a commensurate increase, which might explain why the player has not ranked the hero higher.

There is a possibility that this list could change with the evolution of the patch, watson said. After seeing how these heroes fare in official games in upcoming tournaments like DreamLeague Season 22 and BetBoom Dacha, the player will likely revisit the list.

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