Rakshak Kathuria


As a passionate Dota 2 fan for eight years, Rakshak has indulged himself completely in its esports circuit for the past two years as a professional. In addition to covering major news developments, he takes a keen interest in understanding team strengths and player personalities.

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Team Spirit Manager Mocks NAVI’s Dota 2 Division

a day ago
Team Spirit's Dota 2 manager Dmitry "Korb3n" Belov

BOOM Esports CEO Provides an Update on Roster Changes

3 days ago
BOOM Esports xNova and Yopaj-

Bzm’s Exam Delayed DPC WEU 2023 Tour 1 Tiebreaker

4 days ago
Bzm with OG at TI11

Ceb Talks About ATF All-Chatting and Tipping

6 days ago
Ceb at TI11

Kpii Talks About Getting Relegated to Division II With Fnatic

8 days ago
Kpii at the GAMERS GALAXY : Dota 2 Invitational Series HatYai Thailand DAY ONE

Quinn Explains Why Playing in NA DPC Is More Stressful Than WEU DPC

8 days ago
Quinn at the Epicenter 2019

Sheever Talks About Not Being Invited to The DPC 2023

10 days ago
Sheever at the DreamLeague S13

Taiga Describes OG’s Playstyle

11 days ago
Taiga with OG at the Gamers Galaxy

BetBoom Team Warned After Nightfall Types gg ez in a DPC Game

12 days ago
Nightfall at TI10

XNova Talks About BOOM Esports’ Struggles and Return to SEA

14 days ago
xNova at TI9

Team Secret Moves Closer to Division II Relegation After Another DPC 2023 Loss

16 days ago
Puppey with Team Secret at the Epicenter 2019

Eyyou Reveals How Blacklist International Came Together

18 days ago
eyyou at the MegaFon Winter Clash

Nisha Dota 2 Settings 2022: Item and Ability Hotkeys

20 days ago
Nisha with Team Secret at the Epicenter 2019

Game Breaking Linken Bug Can Crash Dota 2 Ranked Games

21 days ago
Linken’s Sphere bug makes Dota 2 games safe to leave

Misha Explains DM's Impact on OG as the New Offlaner

23 days ago
OG announced DM as its new offlaner for the DPC 2023 season

Liquid Blitz Reveals Talks With Quinn, Arteezy, and Others Before Finalizing Nisha

24 days ago
Blitz and Nisha at TI11

"I learned everything at Secret," Says Nisha After Beating Secret on Liquid Debut

a month ago
Team Liquid Nisha

Yatoro Lauds PSG.LGD’s Gameplay

a month ago
Yatoro with Team Spirit at the GAMERS GALAXY: Dota 2 Invitational Series Dubai 2022

NothingToSay Talks About Playing in the New PSG.LGD Roster

a month ago
PSG.LGD NothingToSay at TI10

Ame Cosplays a Character From Genshin Impact

a month ago
Ame cosplaying Tartaglia