Dota 2 Teases Frostivus Event Date, Item Changes, and More


Dota 2 Teases Frostivus Event Date, Item Changes, and More

Dorjee Palzang
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According to Valve's new blog, the Frostivus event could be released tomorrow.
Apart from that, major changes related to items are set to happen in Dota 2.
Lastly, the announcement also revealed there would be new abilities for Tormentor and Roshan.

In a blog post released on 14th December, Dota 2 officially teased the imminent release of the Frostivus event along with three major changes. The blog post teases a significant update and event in Dota 2, specifically tied to the Frostivus celebration. In this narrative, King Kringle, a mystical figure, visits the Dota 2 world on Frostivus Eve, bringing mysterious and altered gifts to the game. This latest development by Valve suggests that the Frostivus event may be released tomorrow 15th December along with a barrage of changes to in-game items and the removal of several items

A Storm of Changes On the Way Along with Frostivus

The recent blog post, aptly titled “The Dark Night Before Frostivus,” teased three major things in the upcoming update which is likely going to be released tomorrow. The updates were encrypted in the form of “sacks.” The first sack, as per the blog, is supposedly unknown to the Dota 2 community, the line read "This first sack of gifts is unknown to this realm: the Nemesis Curse, the Whisper of dread, the Moonlight Tiara, and much more."

Speculations in the Dota 2 community suggest that these new names have a bit of connection with the theme of Dota 2 heroes, Templar Assassin, Muerta, and Luna. Additionally, a few others also suggested that these could likely be new immortals, persona or set for the heroes mentioned and other heroes. Meanwhile, some others believed these could be new neutral items.

The second sack could suggest that there is going to be a barrage of changes to the in-game items. The lines read "Some gifts I've improved, and some I've deranged. All that need concern you is that they have changed. The Orb of Corrosion, Arcane Boots, Bloodthorn. These and more I have altered since last they were worn." These mentioned items were said to have been changed along with other items in the game. This could likely mean that the patch is focused on balancing the in-game items. 

The third and last sack was King Kringle’s “Favorite Kind… The Gift I Take Back.

These lines could suggest the removal of a majority of in-game neutral items such as the Ring of Aquila, Titan Sliver, Penta-Edged Sword, Quickening Charm, and Quarterstaff. A peculiar line “‘I’m taking them all’ he said with a laugh.” suggests that neutral items may be removed from the game. Perhaps this will only be for the PVP/PVE event that many expect to be added alongside this update.

And, lastly in an additional twist new abilities for The Tormentor and Roshan were also teased.

Frostivus, now in its sixth iteration since its inception in 2012, holds a special place in the hearts of Dota 2 players. It was initially teased on 21st November. Valve said, "What's that sound in the festive distance? No, that jingling of sleigh bells you hear isn't early onset tinnitus. It's the magical year-end event we call Frostivus — looming large on the December calendar.”  

If the words from the blog are deciphered accurately, players can look forward to Frotivus on 15th December 2023, along with all these big changes.  

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