Frostivus Dota 2 Christmas event returns in 2023


Frostivus To Return To Dota 2 After Three Years, Confirms Valve

Dorjee Palzang
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Valve released a minor patch update on 20th November and in its blog, it hinted at the return of Frostivus, a winter-themed map.
The blog also suggested a delay in the release of new Arcanas in the game.

In the wake of the conclusion of The International 2023, Valve unveiled plans for the eagerly anticipated Frostivus event in Dota 2. Following the release of Gameplay Update 7.34e, a blog post on 20th November provided Dota fans with a glimpse into what they can expect from the winter-themed extravaganza. 

Valve said, “What's that sound in the festive distance? No, that jingling of sleigh bells you hear isn't early onset tinnitus. It's the magical year-end event we call Frostivus — looming large on the December calendar.

Frostivus Set To Return To Dota 2 in December 2023

The blog post commenced by highlighting the culmination of nearly a year of coordination and production for The International 2023 held at the Climate Pledge Arena. With the tournament now successfully concluded and the competitive season wrapped up, Valve is setting its sights on the forthcoming Frostivus event.

Described as a "magical year-end event," Frostivus promises to deliver a multi-week celebration, complete with arena-sized spectacles, new features, and a cornucopia of cosmetics and surprises. Although a fixed date was not mentioned, the festive atmosphere is set to be unveiled in December, creating anticipation among the Dota 2 player base. Notably, the last time Frostivus was celebrated in Dota 2 was back in 2019.

However, the blog post addressed the expectations surrounding the release of new Arcanas. Valve acknowledged that the plans for the Arcanas this year have encountered additional complexities, leading to delays. While Valve said the Arcanas won't make their debut this year, it assured fans that it is committed to unveiling them in the coming months.

The blog post took on a playful tone, with a fictional character named "little Timmy" expressing hope for the release of Arcanas. Valve responded in a lighthearted manner, assuring the community that despite the delays, they are actively working on the Arcanas and have numerous updates in store for the Dota 2 community.

As the Dota team winds down for a "long winter's nap," the blog post hinted at a plethora of updates in the pipeline. While details remain scant, Valve promised a slew of surprises and features that are currently in development by the Frostivus elves.

With The International 2023 securely in the rearview mirror, the Dota 2 community can eagerly anticipate the festivities of Frostivus, ushering in the new year with a burst of excitement and content updates. Until then, the message from Valve to the Dota 2 community is clear: Merry Imminent Frostivus, everyone!

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