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BetBoom Team Narrates Its Journey to TI12 via “Road to Seattle” Comic

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BetBoom Team has been narrating the journey of how it made it to TI12 via a creative comic titled "Road to Seattle."
The comic series has already released three exciting episodes with each delving into BetBoom's origins, challenges, adventures at major events, and collaborations.

As The International 2023 (TI12) approaches, the Dota 2 community is buzzing with anticipation. Regarded as one of the world's largest esports tournaments, it is set to captivate fans from around the globe. Ahead of TI12, Dota 2 teams have stepped up their game in terms of fan engagement. Among these creative endeavors, BetBoom's "Road to Seattle" comic series has emerged as a standout amongst the Russian-speaking crowd, offering a unique perspective on the team's journey to TI12.

"Road to Seattle" Comic Explained

In the absence of extensive promotion from Valve, prominent Dota 2 team BetBoom has decided to take fan engagement to the next level. Its innovative approach includes the creation of a print comic series titled "Road to Seattle", which documents its journey through the year leading up to TI12.

This comic series cannot be labeled as just a marketing gimmick but it is an evident labor of love and creativity. The artist Parallel, in collaboration with BetBoom, has expertly blended the distinctive features of Dota 2 heroes with the pros in a fresh and captivating style. The result is a visually stunning series that preserves the essence of beloved characters while injecting new life into their narratives.

Betboom Comic Chapter 3

[Translation: Chapter 3 Alt + tab. With Inta and vise versa]

The Journey So Far: Three Exciting Episodes

Road to Seattle is an ongoing series in which three thrilling episodes have already been released so far. Each installment offered fans an exclusive backstage pass into the lives of BetBoom's Dota 2 team. 

In the first episode, readers were introduced to the team's origins and the challenges it faced in its quest for esports glory. The second episode talked about the adventures of the players at ESL One Berlin Major 2023 and the beginning of cooperation with the hip-hop artist Big Baby Tape. The comic series also showcased the club’s performance in The Lima Major 2023. 

Meanwhile, the third episode captured the adventures of the BetBoom Team from the third season of the regional leagues to the end of Riyadh Masters 2023. The 4th chapter of this comic is expected to be released after the conclusion of The International 2023. 

What to Expect from BetBoom Team at TI12

With each episode building anticipation, fans are eagerly awaiting BetBoom's performance at TI12. The comic series has provided unique insights into the team's journey, and it's clear that BetBoom is more than just a contender. It is a team fueled by passion, dedication, and a desire to claim the Aegis of Champions.

The meticulous preparation, as shown in "Road to Seattle", indicates that it is not just aiming to win the tournament; but also to win the hearts of Dota 2 fans worldwide. Its presence at TI12 promises to be a spectacle filled with skill, strategy, and the indomitable spirit of competition.

BetBoom isn't the only team going above and beyond to engage with fans. Team Spirit, another Dota 2 contender, injected humor and entertainment into the mix with its video parody, "Smells like Team Spirit." This light-hearted video showcased the camaraderie, personality, and fun-loving side of the team, offering fans a glimpse behind the scenes of competitive esports.

In the world of esports, fan engagement is a critical factor in building excitement for major tournaments. This year, Valve's take on the Compendium and the TI prize pool was publicly bashed by pros and fans alike. Likewise, the publisher, in what comes across as a lackadaisical move, introduced the TI12 broadcast talent via the "Talent Bundle" without even releasing an official post. Fans were asked to click on the Compendium in the Dota 2 client to see who's made it to TI as a talent.

While Valve's approach to promoting TI has been minimalist, other organizations like Riot Games, with its Worlds event for League of Legends, have set the bar high. Riot Games regularly invests in high-production music videos and extensive promotional campaigns, ensuring fans are immersed in the experience long before the tournament begins.

This leaves Dota 2 teams like BetBoom and Team Spirit with the responsibility to create their hype and excitement. 

While Valve may remain mysterious in its promotion of TI, the community's love for the game and the dedication towards esports teams continue to ensure that the excitement does not cease before TI begins.

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