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Valve Continues to Fumble TI12 Announcements, Introduces Broadcast Talent via Compendium Update

Dorjee Palzang
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Valve takes an unconventional approach by introducing a "Talent Bundle" sticker pack , leaving fans to discover the broadcast talent list from the Compendium instead of an official announcement
The Talent Bundle allows fans to financially support their favorite broadcast members, with an impressive 50% of the proceeds directly benefiting the talent

Valve’s questionable decisions surrounding The International 2023 (TI12) continue. This time around, instead of releasing an official graphic about the broadcast talent for the tournament, Valve has introduced this year's “Talent Bundle” to the already controversial Compendium. Valve simply posted a list of prices for the Talent sticker bundles, adding that players will have to navigate to the “Talent” tab of the Compendium on the Dota client for more details

Valve wrote in a blog, “This year’s talent has officially been announced. Where? In the “Talent” tab of the Compendium.

The International 2023’s (TI12) broadcast talent includes a team of 118 members speaking English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. This Talent Bundle is a direct way for fans to show their support for their favorite broadcast members monetarily. 

Stickers that Support TI12 Talent a Part of the Compendium Now 

With a commitment to bolstering the esports ecosystem, Valve is introducing Talent sticker bundles, with a remarkable 50% of the proceeds going directly to the featured talent. This initiative is a testament to Valve's dedication to not only celebrating their stars but also providing them with substantial financial support.

The Talent sticker bundles come in four distinct types, catering to varying preferences and budgets:

  • Standard Bundle: Priced at just $0.99 USD, the Standard Bundle includes the Standard Sticker, allowing fans to show their support for their favorite talent.

  • Glitter Bundle: For those seeking a little extra, the Glitter Bundle, priced at $4.99, includes the Glitter Sticker along with a unique voiceline.

  • Holo Bundle: At $9.99, the Holo Bundle offers the Holo sticker, a voiceline, and an Autograph Rune, providing fans with a more immersive way to back their preferred talent.

  • Gold Bundle: For the ultimate show of support, the Gold Bundle, priced at $19.99, includes the Gold Sticker, two voice lines, and an Autograph Rune, ensuring fans can fully immerse themselves in the Dota 2 esports experience.

English Broadcast Talent

On a positive note, Valve has made an exciting change this year regarding the voice lines. In previous years, one of the disadvantages was the uncertainty surrounding when these voice lines would expire. However, Valve has simplified this aspect this year. Fans will be pleased to know that voicelines are now permanent.

Valve said, “In the past, one complicating factor would be figuring out when the voice lines would go away. The answer this year is simple: Never. Voice lines are now permanent, making them quite possibly the only thing in this fragile, fleeting life that lasts forever.

Fans and those who wish to purchase the Talent Bundle must note that 50% of proceeds from the sales of this bundle go directly to the talent.

One Reddit comment joked about the situation and stated, “Talents are about to make more money than the players lmao!

This reflects the sad state of the TI12 prize pool which is currently standing at $2.9 Million USD at the time of writing, a historically low figure for Dota 2’s marquee tournament of the year. 

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