BOOM Esports’ Incredible Rapier Comeback Outwits TNC Predator


BOOM Esports’ Incredible Rapier Comeback Outwits TNC Predator

Rakshak Kathuria
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  • BOOM Esports pull of great comebacks as they beat TNC Predator 2-0
  • Dreamocel on an Empowered Phantom Assassin helped BOOM Esports win both the games as they had an incredible Rapier comeback in the first match

TNC Predator looked in spectacular form after they opened up their DOTA Summit Online 13: Southeast Asia campaign with a thumping victory over 496 Gaming yesterday. TNC played their second series today against BOOM Esports which was expected to go TNC’s way considering BOOM’s poor recent form. But BOOM Esports had some special tactics up their sleeves as they outplayed TNC to secure their first series 2-0.

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A Flawless PA-Magnus Combo Outshines TNC Predator

BOOM Esports managed to win both the matches even after giving a sizeable lead to TNC in the early stages of the games. They played the mid to late game perfectly around Dreamocel’s Phantom Assassin who delivered an immaculate performance on an empowered Phantom Assassin. 

Game 1 was an absolute cracker of a game as BOOM Esports pulled off one the best comebacks of 2020. TNC Predator was cruising to victory at the 45th-minute mark with a networth lead of 15k and two sets of barracks secured. A failed attempt to destroy the third barracks and secure the Mega creeps marked the beginning of the end for TNC as Phantom Assasin crushed them with Empower and Divine Rapier. Dreamocel had a risky but extremely effective build as he rushed Divine Rapier after Mask of Madness and Aghs on PA. He got to pick more items gradually as they won teamfight after teamfight to close out the game in 56 minutes.

In Game 2 as well, TNC underestimated the power of a PA-Magnus combo as they let BOOM pick the duo in the first phase of the draft. Though the laning phase went slightly into TNC’s advantage this game as well, BOOM Esports fought back much earlier this time as one teamfight win at the 36th-minute mark turned the tide into their advantage. Dreamocel showcased his mechanical skills again as he dodged multiple Echo Slams with a perfectly timed Minotaur Horn. BOOM Esports was able to finish the game in 42 minutes and take the series 2-0.

A back and forth series, but BOOM Esports was able to hold its nerves and deliver some great comeback plays. They will be quite happy with their performance considering they were recently knocked out of the group stages of the Moon Studio Mid-Autumn League. 

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TNC Predator, on the other hand, will look to get their mojo back as a long group stage awaits them. Considering some of their plays today, it looked like they were missing an experienced leader to guide them through the late game following Park "March" Tae-won departure from the team just days ago. 

Despite this setback, TNC Predator will look to take this one in their stride and come back stronger in their next match versus Army Geniuses which happens tomorrow. 

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