Valve Seems To Be Working On Source 2 Port Of CS:GO Maps

Valve Reportedly Working on Source 2 Port of Several CS:GO Maps

Could this actually be the first steps towards porting CS:GO over to Source 2?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Three CS:GO data miners - Aquarius, ALE, and Gabe Follower, recently claimed that Valve is working on the Source 2 port of several well known CS:GO maps.
They provided evidence to back their claims and even named all the six supposed CS:GO maps that were being tested for the Source 2 port.
Aquarius even shared the method used by him and others to gather all this information over the course of several months.

Every now and then data miners keep finding strings of code that point towards certain 'Source 2' features being added to CS:GO, potentially leading to the porting of the game to the new game engine. Once again similar news has taken the community by storm, but the alleged evidence presented this time seems to be more substantial than anything previously reported.

The trio of CS:GO sleuths - Aquarius, ALE, and Gabe Follower, a few days ago on 3rd July came forward to claim that several well-known CS:GO maps were being worked upon by developers for a potential Source 2 port.

They provided alleged evidence to back their claims and even shared the method possibly used by them to find this information, but not to the extent of revealing a lot of information and suggesting those interested to conduct further research on their own.

New evidence found by CS:GO data miners reportedly points toward Valve working on Source 2 port of six CS:GO maps

It seems the developers at Valve are busy at work this week, according to alleged evidence found by a few 'CS:GO leakers', as they are popularly known as within the community.

In a public statement made by Aquarius two days ago, he claimed that together with ALE, they had managed to find evidence of multiple developers working on several well-known CS:GO maps for a potential Source 2 port.

CS:GO devs allegedly working on maps for Source 2 port

As per Aquarius, they were able to disclose that multiple developers were working on maps with Source 2 naming: "de_mapname_s2".

From the image above one can notice the names of maps highlighted in purple following the Source 2 naming scheme and the number of devs working on them respectively.

A few hours later on the same day, Aquarius revealed the names of all the supposed maps with the Source 2 naming which had been discovered over a period of several months.

  1. ar_shoots_s2

  2. cs_italy_s2

  3. de_inferno_s2

  4. de_lake_s2

  5. de_overpass_s2

  6. de_shortdust_s2

Even the alleged method was revealed in order to get their hands on all this information, providing the following link which basically leads to a 'Steamworks Documentation' about a Steam feature called 'Enhanced Rich Presence'.

According to Aquarius: "For some unknown reason you can actually request 'Steam Rich Presence' for the 'CS:GO Beta Dev' with the appid 710."

This seems to be the key behind him and the others having unlocked all this information. Aquarius did not go into further detail and left those curious to find out more by conducting their own research.

Aquarius reveals method behind finding all the information

At this point in time no confirmation has been made by Valve or CS:GO on this topic. Also, no matter how definitive the evidence provided above may seem, do consider taking the information with a grain of salt because we all know how many times in the past these reports, rumors, and claims have just ended up amounting to nothing.

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