Source 2 Update for CS:GO Could Release by End of 2021

Source 2 Update for CS:GO Could Release by End of 2021

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Latest statement by Tyler McVicker reveals that Source 2 update for CS:GO might relese by end of next year.
  • He further talks about what the users should expect from the Source 2 update.
  • The information should be taken with a pinch of salt as earlier speculations have not turned out to be true.  

It has been a roller coaster ride when it comes to rumours about the Source 2 update for CS:GO, but no matter how many times we get played every small speculation matters a lot to us just so we can start the whole cycle again. On this note, another update about the Source 2 port has come our away courtesy the latest video upload by Tyler McVicker, who is the creator of Valve News Network and an industry insider.

According to his most recent video on Source 2 Port, Tyler McVicker states that “It is very possible that this will happen by the end of next year.” He goes on reiterate a bunch of things which has been spoken about in the past like users expectation from the Source 2 port, who will actually benefit from this, what are the major problems Valve is facing, and other such things which we will discuss below.

Source 2 Update: Everything We Know

In an earlier Twitch stream, Tyler had claimed that Valve has decided not to work on the Source 2 port temporarily. He had specifically stated that “It’s not happening. There was a meeting and they made a decision because it is too much work. As of now, it is not happening.”

The reason behind this was also provided by him, which was simply that it was too much work for Valve not because they cannot port the game, but because of all the community content. Valve has actually had a build ready for the last two years, but the massive library of community content is making it all too complicated and sadly at the moment Valve has no means to port of all this efficiently enough.

Many of the things highlighted in the video were actually just a compilation of bits of scattered information that the community was already made aware of. Some of these are as follows,

  • Source 2 elements have long been present in the game and it all started with the Panorama UI update. Tyler explains the concept of the Source 2 update by saying that “It's not totally a different engine compared to Source 1, it's like an updated version.”

  • The transition phase of the game from its current engine to Source 2 will not be smooth at all. The game will be literally unplayable for a long time as plethora of bugs and glitches are introduced to the game.

  • Graphics and aesthetics related to the map will be slightly different as Tyler states that “The game will look 95% the same, and unless they are making new content which I am sure they are, it will hold 95% of the same stuff.”

  • The update will hugely benefit the content creation community related to CS:GO as new tools will be made available to them, opening the doors to a whole new set of creative things to tinker around with.

    “The only major change that you are going to see is the toolset and unless you make maps for CS:GO that is not going to matter.”

This is all that we know about the Source 2 update which according to the latest statement by Tyler McVicker will only be available by the end of 2021. 

Tyler feels that Source 2 is just an extension to CS:GO to pave way for the future of the game, and though he might be right with the limited insight the majority of the user base has when it comes to the working of the engine in question, it still remains to be something which is pretty high on the bucket list.

CS:GO has recently added all sorts of optional settings to improve the game in different verticals. Though most of them have been received with mixed reactions, their latest and probably the biggest attempt of introducing an anti-cheat add-on has failed to impress the fans.

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