CS:GO User Creates a mod that Provides VR Experience of Dust 2 in Source 2 Engine

CS:GO User Creates a mod that Provides VR Experience of Dust 2 in Source 2 Engine

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • CS:GO user successfully creates a mod that allows players to experience Dust 2 in VR.

  • Dust 2 used in the mod has been ported over to the Source 2 engine and worked upon by the creator to look as polished as possible.

  • The map along with other important assets are now available on the Steam Workshop.

One of the most anticipated CS:GO update that the whole community has been waiting for quite some time now is the Source 2 port, but while we wait for that to happen, how about playing Counter-Strike in first-person? No, not like a first-person shooter which it already is, but with an actual first-person POV!

Thanks to a mod developed by Gabe Follower who creates content around anything related to Valve, CS:GO can now be played in VR. The mod which is available to the public on the Steam Workshop allows users to port CS:GO maps in S2FM (Source 2 Film Maker) and other such software, which includes Half-Life: Alyx.

The creator of the mod has ported over the entire Dust 2 map from Source 1 and says that “We’ve fixed it as much as we can, but there are still some things left broken (like overlays and VIS bugs). We just can’t fix them because of tools specifics.”

Along with the map, there are a total of four ‘Asset Packs’ which contain all character models, weapon models, and other CS:GO materials, which are all ‘Fully compatible with Source 2 Film Maker’.

Though the creator of this mod is not officially affiliated with Valve or the CS:GO dev team, they seemed to have noticed his work as they took a sarcastic jab at the mod by replying to one of his posts.

CS:GO User Creates a mod that Provides VR Experience of Dust 2 in Source 2 Engine

Also, this might not be the first time that someone has tried to recreate CS:GO for a VR experience (SteamVR and Pavlov VR), it certainly is the smoothest and the cleanest rendition yet.

As explained earlier by Tyler McVicker (creator of Valve News Network), that the update is not ‘CS:GO 2’ and that users should not speculate over the top things to come along with the update.

While this might not be the Source 2 port, it certainly has enough to give users a rough idea of what to expect from the speculated update. So all those with a VR headset and the appropriate software can go ahead and enjoy the first-person experience, while those feeling creative can fiddle around with the available assets.

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