Valve Adds Five Maps Including Tuscan To CS:GO


Valve Adds Tuscan and Four Other CS:GO Maps to Celebrate Tenth Birthday

The upgraded version of Tuscan is a part of CS:GO matchmaking.

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Valve adds five new CS:GO maps to matchmaking as part of the game's tenth birthday celebrations.
Tuscan is one of the five maps added to CS:GO along with Anubis, Breach, Primetime, and Blagai.
Anubis, Breach, and Tuscan are added to competitive, casual, and deathmatch game modes, while Primetime and Blagai are specifically for the wingman game mode.

Valve has started celebrating CS:GO's birthday week with the game about to turn a decade old on 21st August. As part of the 10th anniversary, five new maps have been officially added to matchmaking including the reworked classic Tuscan.

All five maps added to the game are Anubis, Breach, Tuscan, Primetime, and Blagai. The first three maps have been added to competitive, casual, and deathmatch game modes, while the remaining two maps have been released specifically for the wingman game mode.

Apart from this in order to make space for the new maps, four former maps, Climb Crete, Hive, and Iris, that were part of the official matchmaking have been removed by Valve.

Valve adds five new maps to celebrate the tenth birthday of CS:GO

The birthday week of CS:GO has officially begun as the game turns 10 years old on 21st August. In celebration of the upcoming milestone, Valve has dropped a huge update which includes the '10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule', five new maps, and even the coveted '10 Year Birthday Coin'.

Many in the community are excited to try out Tuscan which had been in development for well more than a year, during which it also featured in a showmatch at the ESL Pro League Season 13.

Valve was quick to implement this version of Tuscan as the official CS:GO remake since the creator of the original CS 1.6 map, Colin "brute" Volrath, was himself involved in this project alongside another map creator called Catfood.

The two have done an incredible job of redesigning Tuscan for CS:GO, changing certain things but keeping the overall theme and element intact. Hence providing the players with a new experience alongside fringes of similarities from its original version.

Tuscan map layout in CS:GO

Apart from Tuscan, the developers reintroduced two popular maps Anubis and Breach, both of which had gained substantial popularity when released the first time around on 31st March 2020 and 31st July 2019 respectively.

The two new wingman maps that were rolled out for community members included Primetime and Blagai, both of them can now be enjoyed for warming up or practicing in a 2v2 scenario.

Apart from this, the update also includes a CS:GO sticker collection with 65 community-designed creations that were shortlisted from the submissions under the 'CSGO10 Sticker Contest', and also the birthday coin which players can collect by gaining the required experience in the game itself.

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