CS:GO Skins Worth $6 Million Stolen by Hackers From Popular Trading Website

The recovery of stolen skins is currently underway!

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Hackers Steal CS:GO Skins Worth $6 Million From CS.Money</p></div>

Hackers Steal CS:GO Skins Worth $6 Million From CS.Money


One of the biggest CS:GO trading website, CS.Money, has been compromised with hackers stealing skins worth $6,000,000 USD.
The hackers apparently got a hold of the trade bots used by CS.Money and transferred CS:GO skins to themselves along with other popular traders and streamers.
The CS.Money team is struggling to take back full control from the hackers, resulting in its authorization data being compromised.

CS:GO skins are a valubale commodity that is a huge part of the game. In fact, it has its own market and associated trading systems. One method of meeting potential buyers is through the use of third-party online marketplaces which are generally considered the optimum way of buying, selling, and trading cosmetic items.

Unfortunately a few days ago on 13th August, one of the biggest and most popular skin trading website called 'CS.Money' was hacked and skins worth $6,000,000 USD (INR 47,71,62,300) were stolen.

Following this breach in security, CS.Money came forward with an official statement while temporarily taking down its website. At the time of writing this article, the website is still down with the following message being shown to the users.

Message by CS.Money on its website

Popular CS:GO trading website gets hacked with six million worth of skins getting stolen

The incident was first reported on 13th August by a CS:GO skin enthusiast who goes by the name of Arrow on Twitter.

The user had reported that skins worth $1.6 million had been stolen from CS.Money as the skin trading website got hacked, with a few of them being sent to high-tier traders in the community.

Further, it was reported that more than 30 accounts had already been found that were linked to the hackers and that this was the largest website hack related to CS:GO skins.

Accounts linked to hackers who stole the CS:GO skins

Soon after, CS.Money came forward with a statement on the situation confirming that its website had been breached and was being taken down temporarily after being targetted by hackers.

In an update, CS.Money thanked the CS:GO community for coming together and helping them out in this troubling period. They further encouraged users to not hesitate and contact them in case of any information related to the incident.

According to the investigation carried out till now, the hackers had taken control over the trade bots used by CS.Money after gaining access to the Mobile Authenticator files, which are used for Steam authentication.

As a result, the attackers acquired direct access to the files which allowed them to control the bots that contained certain skins, transferring them over to their accounts by sending outgoing transaction offers.

The impact of the hack has been recorded by CS.Money and according to its data the hackers managed to pull off about 1000 trades with 100 user accounts.

CS.Money report showing sharp decline in CS:GO skins

It was further revealed that the security exploits used by the hackers has not been fixed with the website experiencing a second wave of hacking activity.

The reason leading to the hack has been found, but the CS.Money team is struggling in its attempts to reset the password and invalidate the compromised authorization date related to the MA files.

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