ESL to Host Showmatch on New CS:GO Version of Tuscan at ESL Pro League S13


ESL to Host Showmatch on New CS:GO Version of Tuscan at ESL Pro League S13

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • The ESL Pro League Season 13 showmatch will feature the CS:GO version of Tuscan.
  • The early walkthrough of the map was released in February 2021 and has some distinct changes in comparison to its CS 1.6 counterpart.
  • This is considered as the official CS:GO version of Tuscan because the creator of the original map 'brute' has worked on it.

ESL has announced that they will be hosting a showmatch on the recently completed, official CS:GO version of the iconic map Tuscan. The popular CS 1.6 map has been redesigned by ‘catfood’ along with the creator of the original map Colin ‘brute’ Volrath. The 2 had started working on the map in late 2019, with its first walkthrough being released in Feb 2021. The map which is now complete will be publicly revealed to the entire CS:GO community on 11 April 2021, right before the grand finale as Team YNK go up against Team SPUNJ. Do you think this push will be enough for Valve to add it as an official CS:GO map?

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ESL Showmatch to Take Place on CS:GO Version of Tuscan

If you have not seen the CS:GO version of Tuscan so far, you are definitely missing out on a great map. The iconic map from CS 1.6 which at one point in time was one of the most played Counter-Strike maps, could sadly never make its way onto CS:GO. 

The community relentlessly requested for a Tuscan remake but Valve never took any measures. In 2014 an unofficial version of Tuscan was released on the Steam Workshop, but the community did not like it all that much and the buzz soon faded away. Then in Nov 2019, CS:GO personality ‘Haci’ tweeted about a Tuscan version being worked upon.

This was followed by Valve insider ‘Nors3’ confirming that a CS:GO version of Tuscan was actually underway and was being worked upon by the curator of the original 1.6 version ‘brute’. He shared an early photo of Tuscan and though it stated that the texture and lighting might undergo changes later, that was not the case as evident after the release of the early walkthrough.

Overall the CS:GO version of Tuscan is similar to the original in design, but certain design aspects have been improved upon, making it viable for the current competitive scene. Other changes include a drastic change to the overall texture and lighting theme of the map so that it copes up to the current agent skins.

The utility usage has also been kept in mind, along with the surface hitboxes, and penetration rate of multiple surfaces, rendering a lot of old strategies and gameplay useless or in need of a modification. Furthermore, the showmatch will be a great opportunity to gauge the viability of the map as a replacement for any of the maps in the current ‘Active Duty Map Pool’.

Surely, it will not be a perfect map and there will certainly be a few loopholes and fixes that the creators would need to implement. But the first impressions do matter especially those of talents and players, it will be interesting to see their thoughts on the map and if it has the potential to become an official CS:GO map or not.

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