10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule Released By CS:GO


CS:GO Releases 10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule With New Animated Designs

Valve has started celebrating ten years of CS:GO

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As part of its birthday update, CS:GO has released the highly awaited '10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule'.
The sticker collection contains 65 community submitted designs which were selected via the 'CSGO10 Sticker Contest'.
New animated stickers were created by a few community artists which has resulted in the formation of a new sticker design category called 'Lenticular'.

Valve has kicked off the birthday week of CS:GO with an update that brings a lot of new things for the community to enjoy. The biggest surprise is the highly awaited '10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule' containing over 60 community-submitted designs, all of them being selected through the 'CSGO10 Sticker Contest' announced earlier this year in March.

Also, a new sticker quality called 'Lenticular' has been announced with this sticker capsule drop. It refers to an animated sticker design that has been adopted by several community artists in their respective submissions.

As this was the first time such an effect had been applied to create a sticker, the developers decided to place such stickers under a new category dedicated to such designs.

10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule release by Valve as part of CS:GO Birthday Update

Valve had announced a community event about five months ago in March called 'CSGO10 Sticker Contest' in celebration of the game turning a decade old on 21st August 2022.

This gave all the community artists and creators an opportunity to come up with their own sticker designs. The submission deadline for this was 21st July.

The theme of this contest was 'CS:GO', and as it is a a very broad subject it provided the creators with a lot of freedom. Further, the stickers could be created in any style which resulted in the formation of a whole new category of animated designs, classified by Valve as 'Lenticular' sticker quality.

TV Installation - Lenticular CS:GO Sticker

With the CS:GO birthday week having started, Valve has finally dropped the much anticipated and hyped sticker collection, '10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule' which contains 65 community-submitted designs.

Out of the 65 community stickers, six have the new lenticular design, eight follow an exotic design pattern, 13 have been shortlisted with remarkable design, and 38 are normal with no specific design element.

10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule - Complete Collection

Lenticular | Extraordinary Sticker

  1. TV Installation

  2. Magic Rush Ball

  3. Global TV

  4. DJ Safecracker

  5. Skin Lover

  6. Freeze

Foil | Exotic Sticker

  1. Showdown

  2. Approaching Site

  3. Ten Years

  4. Dust FA

  5. Romanov's Fire

  6. In The Fire

  7. Pure Malt

  8. Overpass Diorama

Holo | Remarkable Sticker

  1. Leaving The Station

  2. Blue Gem

  3. Kawaii CT

  4. Kawaii T

  5. Vertigo's Hero

  6. Cbbl

  7. Zeusception

  8. Conspiracy Club

  9. Ace Clutch Co.

  10. Go Boom

  11. Get Smoked

  12. Defuse It

  13. Pain Train

Normal | High Grade

  1. Baby Howl

  2. Baby Medusa

  3. Baby Lore

  4. Baby Cerberus

  5. Baby Fire Serpent

  6. Green's Problem

  7. Shifty Tactics

  8. Zeused

  9. Call Your Flashes

  10. Good Verses Evil

  11. Rush More

  12. Laser Beam

  13. Dragon Tale

  14. GO

  15. Agent Select

  16. This Is Fine (H)

  17. Clicking Heads

  18. Co Co Co

  19. Monster

  20. Arms Race

  21. C-S On The GO

  22. Endless Cycle

  23. Dreams And Mimics

  24. Chicken Whisperer

  25. B-Day

  26. Save Me

  27. Choose Wisely

  28. Not For Resale

  29. Press Start

  30. Exo Jumper

  31. Dragon's Keep

  32. Cursed Penmanship

  33. Booth

  34. Beaky Decade

  35. Free Range

  36. Noble Steed

  37. Good Sports

  38. TV On Mirage

Apart from this, five new maps were added including the CS:GO version of Tuscan, along with the '10 Year Birthday Coin' which players can obtain by earning enough experience to be eligible for their first in-game drop of the week.

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