CSGO10 Sticker Contest Announced in Celebration of Upcoming 10th Birthday

Valve wants to include the community for CS:GO's birthday celebrations!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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CS:GO Announces CSGO10 Community Sticker Contest

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CS:GO is ready to celebrate its upcoming tenth birthday in style as the developers have announced a sticker contest for the entire community.
The 'CSGO10 Sticker Contest' will be taking place till 21st July 2022 with the sticker capsule releasing on or around CS:GO's birthday, 21st August.
Here is everything you need to know about the 'CSGO10 Sticker Contest' including submission details and other such things to consider.

The CS:GO developers have planned something interesting as the tactical first-person shooter from Valve turns a decade old on 21st August later this year. They have decided to involve the entire Counter-Strike community for the upcoming birthday celebrations by announcing the 'CSGO10 Sticker Contest'.

The contest is open for all and anyone can participate in it by simply submitting one or more CS:GO themed stickers. The developers have further allowed previous workshop submissions to also be eligible for consideration, until the theme is being followed.

The competition has been announced well in advance to give community members ample time for coming up with ideas and executing them. The last date of submission is 21st July, and the capsule containing all the short-listed stickers will be released on or around 21st August.

CS:GO announces community sticker contest 'CSGO10' in celebration of the game turning 10 years old

This is not the first time that a community contest has been announced by the CS:GO developers. In July 2021, the Dreams & Nightmares Workshop Art Contest with total prize money of $1 million USD was announced, followed by the release of Dreams & Nightmares Weapon Case which included 17 shortlisted skins from over 15,000 submissions by various artists and creators.

Similarly, a sticker contest has been announced by the developers this time around in celebration of the game turning a decade old. Following a simple CS:GO theme, the developers plan on releasing 'CSGO10 Sticker Capsule' on or around its 10th birthday, 21st August 2022.

The stickers can be created in any style pertaining to the theme and all designs must be original with the exception of Counter-Strike logos and icons.

This time, the theme is “CS:GO” (and CS:GO only). Over the last ten years CS:GO game has evolved from a beta to the most popular game on Steam, and we are excited to look through submissions to find great stickers that celebrate all things CS:GO!
Statement by CS:GO

Though the contest is open to everyone, there is a chance that certain submissions may not be counted or considered if they are not tagged with "CSGO10" in the title of the workshop. So make sure that the submission is being made with a title following this format - CSGO10 | Sticker Name.

As the developers will be taking previous workshop submissions into consideration, users need to make sure that the title is converted to a valid format. The last date of submission is 21st July 2022 after which further uploads will not be valid.

Though only a handful of submissions will be shortlisted for the CSGO10 Sticker Capsule, all other stickers that have been submitted will still be eligible for future sticker capsules.

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