Valve Announces $1 Million CSGO Dreams & Nightmares Workshop Art Contest


Valve Announces $1 Million CS:GO Dreams & Nightmares Workshop Art Contest

Valve has announced an art contest for CS:GO creators offering $1,000,000 USD.

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Valve announces a $1 million art contest for CS:GO called 'Dreams & Nightmares Workshop Contest'.
The art contest is open to all CS:GO content creators and is scheduled to run from 22nd July to 21st October.
Valve is looking for 10 original dream or nightmare-themed weapon finishes to be shipped in an upcoming case. Each of the 10 winning entries will win a sum of $100,000 USD.

Valve has announced a $1,000,000 USD art contest called the 'Dreams & Nightmares Workshop Contest' on 22nd July, open to all CS:GO content creators for participation. Through this contest Valve is looking for 10 original dream or nightmare-themed weapon finishes for CS:GO, rewarding each of the 10 winning entries a sum of $100,000. Valve has even launched a dedicated website in order to help the participating content creators. For all those interested in submitting their work, the deadline is 21st October, giving CS:GO content creators 91 days to come up with an idea and execute it.

CS:GO Dreams & Nightmares Workshop Art Contest: Complete Details

The $1 million CS:GO art contest scheduled to take place from 22nd July to 21st October, gives 10 content creators an opportunity to win $100,000 USD and their shortlisted weapon finishes to be shipped as part of an upcoming case.

Contest Rules

Here is a sneak peak of the upcoming CS:GO weapon case which also acts as a canvas for interested content creators, allowing them to choose a weapon to which their theme may apply.

Upcoming Dreams & Nightmares Weapon Case

Here are the specific weapons that will be featuring in the Dreams & Nightmares case along with their rarity,

  • Convert



  • Classified


    Dual Berettas


  • Restricted






  • Military Spec








Dreams & Nightmares Case - Weapons and Rarity

Submission Rules

Here are a few rules that interested CS:GO content creators need to keep in mind before starting work on their ideas,

  • Creators need to submit their original weapon finish to the CS:GO Workshop through a non-limited Steam account.

  • It is not compulsory for a creator to work on a weapon finish all alone, teams of more than one person can also enter in this art contest.

  • There is no limit on the number of entries to which a single user may contribute.

  • Contest entries must be submitted through the CS:GO Item Import Tool and tagged with 'Dreams & Nightmares Contest'.

  • Entries must be a completed and payable CS:GO Workshop submission with valid banking and tax information.

  • Posting concept art, mood boards, or images from which you have pulled inspiration are encouraged. All elements of the submission need to be original work. More information on this can be obtained by Clicking Here.

  • When submitting your weapon finish to the workshop make sure to include screenshots of the weapon inspect view, in hand, and side view. Share your workshop entry with the world and promote using the hashtag #CSGOdreams.

  • Valve has provided examples of what types of finishes they are looking for within the dream or nightmare theme. All examples can be observed by Clicking Here.

Valve Example - Hyper Beast (AWP)

Valve has even provided a comprehensive guide on how to create a weapon finish. All those interested can take a look at all the resources provided through Valve by Clicking Here.

Not only this, for all the CS:GO content creators who have a query or are stuck at a particular process can collaborate with other artists by visiting the CS:GO Artists Forum.

CS:GO Artists Forum

Some important points to keep in mind that Valve have specifically highlighted for the Dreams & Nightmares Workshop Art Contest are as follows,

  • By submitting an entry a creator does not give Valve a non-exclusive license of their artwork to use in CS:GO. They keep the rights.

  • Creators are allowed to remove their submissions and withdraw it, but only prior to the official selection. If an artwork is shipped, then Valve will not remove it from the game.

  • Winners will be both personally and publicly notified upon selection.

  • The CS:GO development team will be confirming the selections.

  • It is compulsory for creators to specify all individuals who contributed on the submission's revenue split.

  • All the 10 winners will be contacted directly by November 21st, 2021 and payment will be made to the bank accounts specified by contributors to the item.

Valve states that, "The Dreams & Nightmares Content Contest is designed to help further support this community." This is a great opportunity for all the CS:GO content creators and maybe this is just the start to more such art contests being conducted in the future for CS:GO and other Valve titles.

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