CS:GO Sticker With Insane Animation Goes Viral


Mind-Boggling Animated CS:GO Sticker 'Stickerception' Takes Over the Community

These CS:GO stickers are getting better with each passing day!

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A Finnish artist created an amazing CS:GO sticker with an insane animation for the ongoing Valve-sponsored 'CSGO10 Sticker Contest'.
This sticker called 'Stickerception' is a new version of an older sticker, consisting of a rare animation pattern which makes it truly unique.
The last date of the ongoing sticker contest is barely more than a week away, scheduled to conclude on 21st July by Valve.

CS:GO creators are busy coming up with new and brilliant ideas for the Valve-sponsored 'CSGO10 Sticker Contest' which is coming to an end in a week's time.

While a lot of top-notch stickers have already impressed many in the community, none seem to come close to 'Stickerception' in terms of the creativity involved to come up with such an eccentric idea and to actually pull it off with such perfection.

The sticker started attracting the CS:GO audience in masses after its creator 'Miguli' shared the animated version of the cosmetic across various social media platforms. It ended up going outrageously viral and soon became one of the top contenders to be included in the final list, as per public opinion.

Stickerception: CS:GO sticker's captivating animation becomes a community favorite

The CS:GO community was blown away after a Finnish creator, who goes by the name Miguli, shared his recent submission for the ongoing sticker competition.

It was an animated recreation of a sticker that he had created earlier in June called Stickerception. This name perfectly described the design of the cosmetic item, which involved a hand holding a blank sticker to inspect it, looped till infinity.

Early version of the CS:GO sticker - Stickerception

In the new version of Stickerception, Miguli added a brilliant animation that suited the overall aesthetics and design of the sticker perfectly, making it easily stand out from the rest of the submissions.

The mind-boggling animation draws inspiration from the Hollywood hit 'Inception', based on which the cosmetic item has been named.

New animated version of the CS:GO sticker - Stickerception

Miguli in a statement admitted that "It was a painstaking process to get the holo-effect done. After painstaking couple hours and experimenting I finally cracked it and got working on the effect."

He ended up making about ten different variations of the animation in the process, before finally settling on one, and even went on to share with the community how he went about creating the eccentric design which is a favorite among users.

The 'CSGO10 Sticker Contest' is nearing the end of its submission date, scheduled to come to an end by 21st July. This means that creators and artists barely have more than a week to improve upon their existing designs or submit new ones.

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