Anime-Themed CS:GO Stickers Go Absolutely Viral


Anime-Themed CS:GO Stickers 'Kawai Offensive' Go Absolutely Viral

Couple of anime stickers take over the CS:GO community.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Belarusian artist creates anime-styled CS:GO stickers for ongoing 'CSGO10 Sticker Contest' by Valve.
Both the stickers, 'CT_Chan' and 'T_Chan' that are part of the 'Kawai Offensive' collection have gone viral across the CS:GO community.
The artist has created another collection called 'Baby Collection' consisting of seven stickers for the contest.

In March earlier this year Valve announced an open for all community event called 'CSGO10 Sticker Contest' as part of its upcoming birthday celebrations. Since then many artists have come forth with thousands of great sticker ideas and concepts, based on varying themes, but none of the submissions are as popular as the two anime-styled stickers titled 'CT_Chan' and 'T_Chan.'

Both the stickers are part of the 'Kawai Offensive' collection and have been created by an artist called 'Milong' according to his Steam profile.

These are not the only creatives that have been submitted by him for the CSGO10 contest but they are definitely the most popular ones, as evident from their popularity across social media and plethora of awards on their respective Steam Workshop pages.

Anime-themed sticker collection goes absolutely viral across the CS:GO community

The sticker contest by Valve has the CS:GO community excited with many artists coming forward with their submissions, flaunting their creativity, coming up with eccentric themes, and trying to excite the general playerbase into liking their creatives.

Well, the recent anime-styled stickers that are part of the 'Kawai Offensive' collection seems to have done the trick for Milong, who has specifically created one sticker each for the attacking and defending sides, both of which have absolutely won over the community.

The 'T_Chan' sticker features a female anime-styled character who is holding a knife in both her hands, with a star placed in the middle-representing the attacking side symbol in CS:GO.

Its holo variant features a rainbow colour change effect across the knives and star. Further, scratching the sticker reveals the dialogue, "How dare you...Scraping me?"

T_Chan CS:GO Sticker

The 'CT_Chan' sticker features another female anime-styled character with a victory sign pose. She has been shown equipped with wings that represent the defending side symbol in CS:GO.

Its holo variant features a rainbow colour change effect across the wings. Further, scratching the sticker shows the female character in a different position along with the dialogue, "Why are you scraping me?"

CT_Chan CS:GO Sticker

These are the only two stickers in the 'Kawai Offensive' collection so far, perhaps more will be added to it in the future. Another stickers collection created by him is the 'Baby Collection' which comprises of the following stickers,

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