Report: BLAST, Perfect World Apply To Host CS:GO Major


Report: BLAST and Perfect World Apply to Host a CS:GO Major in 2023

New tournament organizers might host the Major next year.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Esports tournament organizers, BLAST and Perfect World, have reportedly applied as candidates to host a CS:GO Major in 2023.
Charlotte Kenny, managing director of BLAST, had previously said that they have always been interested in hosting a CS:GO Major.
Further, if the report stands true and Perfect World gets selected, CS:GO might witness its first Major taking place in Asia.

Veteran tournament organizers, PGL and ESL, got an opportunity to host the two CS:GO Majors this year, PGL Antwerp Major and IEM Rio Major. However, we might witness new organizers hosting the prestigious event next year with BLAST and Perfect World having applied as candidates to host a Major in 2023, according to a report by Jaxon.

Charlotte Kenny, managing director at BLAST, had previously said that "When the time is right, we will do a Major,". Although BLAST showed inclination Kenny had refrained from clarifying a direct inquiry related to whether BLAST had bid for the Major tournament scheduled to take place next year or not.

As for Perfect World, it is a pleasant surprise to see one of the biggest esports tournament organizers from China, bidding to potentially host the first-ever CS:GO Major tournament in Asia.

CS:GO tournament organizers BLAST and Perfect World have reportedly applied to host a Major in 2023

Two new tournament organizers seem confident to step into the ring and host a CS:GO Major, one of the biggest gaming events of the year that witnesses competition between the best Counter-Strike teams in the world.

BLAST recently heralded its desire to host a Major, following murmurs in the community that the organizers are not interested in hosting one, "We always get lots of comments on whether we are interested in hosting a Major or not. Just to dispel any rumors; BLAST is always interested in hosting a Major," stated Kenny.

The statements made by her seem to be inline with the report. BLAST has quickly risen through the ranks to establish its own identity and has an annual competitive circuit that is highly regarded by all the players, teams, and organizations.

If true, it will be quite a challenge for BLAST to host the Major which features competition between 24 teams, as the organizers are used to hosting LAN events with less than 10 teams in attendance which usually take place over the course of a single weekend.

The other candidate, Perfect World, is one of the top esports organizers in Asia that have previously hosted international LAN tournaments like the CS:GO Asia Championship series (2018, 2019) and also runs the Chinese DPC (Dota Pro Circuit).

Perfect World has previously hosted several CS:GO tournaments

In case Perfect World gets shortlisted, CS:GO might witness its first Major being hosted in Asia, with all such tournaments so far being held in either North America or Europe.

The upcoming IEM Rio Major 2022 will be the first Major venturing out of these regions to host the first such tournament in South America.

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