CS:GO Update Changes Matchmaking System


CS:GO Update Changes Matchmaking System, Global Rank Reset for All Players

Finally the silver surfers have a chance to move ahead.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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The CS:GO update that released on 1st August has implemented multiple changes to the competitive matchmaking algorithm.
This resulted in a global rank reset for all the CS:GO players with all players being required to win one match for their new 'Skill Group'.
Apart from the update to the former matchmaking system, loads of changes were also made to the CS:GO map 'Ember'.

Valve has introduced a huge change for matchmaking in CS:GO with the latest update that rolled out on 1st August. The changes were significant enough to warrant a global rank reset for all the players.

According to the official patch notes, multiple changes have been made to the competitive matchmaking algorithm due to which the 'Skill Groups' were reset in order to undergo recalibration for better accuracy.

This basically means that after the update CS:GO players were not be able to view their respective ranks until they won a competitive match, upon which their new 'Skill Group' was revealed to them.

"Most of you will notice a change to your Skill Group, but some of you may find that you were already in the right place," stated the latest CS:GO Blog titled Matchmaking Update.

CS:GO undergoes global rank reset for all players after changes to the matchmaking system

It is not every day that the ranks of all CS:GO players are reset together across the globe due to a game update. Well, this actually happened yesterday as Valve pushed multiple changes to the highly debatable and controversial matchmaking system that was previously in use.

The developers implemented certain changes to the competitive matchmaking algorithm to improve its efficiency in matching users of the same skill level, making for a fairer playing field and helping in the better distinction of good-bad players.

After the update, players were not able to view their ranks and had to win one match to reveal their new 'Skill Group'. This helped with the overall calibration required for the new matchmaking algorithm.

Throughout the CS:GO community multiple debates and discussions broke out between players, all of them discussing the reset and their new ranks.

Apart from this several other changes were also part of the update, including a few additions to the CS:GO map Ember. The complete patch notes can be accessed by clicking here.

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