Stewie2K Leaves CS:GO, Takes Up Streaming And Content Creation


Stewie2K Leaves Competitive CS:GO, Turns to Streaming and Content Creation

The smoke criminal will be creating content across Valorant and CS:GO.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Stewie2K has taken the decision to leave competitive CS:GO and turn towards streaming and content creation instead.
He will continue to be a part of Evil Geniuses as part of its 'Creator Collective', turning his focus towards streaming Valorant and CS:GO.
This might not be a final goodbye for Stewie2K from competitive CS:GO as he goes on to state that "My future isn’t determined".

It has been a really tough year for Jacky "Stewie2K" Yip in CS:GO, both professionally and personally. After being away from the competitive circuit for more than three months, the smoke criminal has come forward to announce that "For now, I'll be stepping away from competitive CS," and shall be turning his focus towards streaming and content creation instead.

Stewie2K also revealed that he will still be under Evil Geniuses as part of its 'Creator Collective', continuing to represent the North American organization while he enjoys his time away from the competitive circuit.

This announcement comes at a time when reports had surfaced claiming that EG would be looking to remove Stewie2K and William "RUSH" Wierzba from its active roster, one half of which has actually come true.

Stewie2K switches from competitive CS:GO to content creation

This season has been nothing but a massive struggle for the Evil Geniuses CS:GO roster. The team, despite housing three former Major winners, failed to match the expectations it showed on paper and was not able to qualify for multiple marquee tournaments like BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2022, IEM Dallas 2022, and most importantly the PGL Antwerp Major 2022.

While Stewie2K struggled on the competitive front, even on a personal level he was embroiled in a controversy involving Paolo “EVY” Berbudeau (former EG assistant coach) and Damien “maLeK” Marcel (former EG head coach), only adding on to the stress he faced at that point in time.

Stewie2K statement on the controversy

With no top-tier CS:GO tournaments left to compete in for a while, the roster found its calendar quite empty which forced EG to adopt 'Project Blueprint'.

During his time away from the circuit, Stewie2K started streaming and he seemed to enjoy it, similar sentiments being shared by his viewers. He played a lot of Valorant with many of the top streamers and slowly rumors started surfacing about the 24-year-old thinking of competing in Valorant.

The speculations only grew stronger when this conversation with Matt ''WARDELL'' Yu was leaked and it went absolutely viral. However, all said and done Stewie2K has taken up streaming for now and stepped away from competitive CS:GO.

A return to the competitive front might be on the cards some way down the line as Stewie2K mentioned that "My future isn't determined," which means that this might not be a permanent departure.

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