CS:GO Hits Peak Of More Than 1 Million Concurrent Players


Over a Million Players Are Playing CS:GO, Highest Since May 2021

Now that is one way to kick off the birthday week.

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CS:GO achieved a peak of 1,039, 889 concurrent players a few days ago on 17th August.
The peak was observed mostly because of the huge birthday week update released by Valve for CS:GO.
This is the maximum number of peak concurrent players achieved by CS:GO in the last 14 months, since May 2021.

CS:GO continues to reach new heights and break old records as it turns a decade old in a few days' time. On 17th August, the game registered a peak of 1,039, 889 concurrent players, according to data provided by Steam Charts.

It is the same day Valve dropped the special birthday week update for CS:GO. As part of the birthday week celebrations which kicked off on 17th August, five maps were introduced to official matchmaking including the highly anticipated release of the popular CS 1.6 map - Tuscan.

However, the best part about the update was the release of a community created sticker collection called '10 Year Birthday Sticker Capsule'. It contained 65 community-submitted designs that were shortlisted by Valve through the 'CSGO10 Sticker Contest' which was announced earlier this year in March.

CS:GO hits peak of more than a million concurrent players

CS:GO achieves its highest peak concurrent players since May 2021

One of the most successful gaming titles of all time, CS:GO is about to turn a decade old on 21st August. With the start of its birthday week, the playerbase has come together in huge numbers taking the average user count of the last 30 days to a respectable 613,243.5 players.

However, the best part is that CS:GO also managed to achieve a peak of 1,039,889 concurrent players, crossing the million mark after four months having last achieved this target in April 2022.

It is also the game's highest peak player count since May 2021, when 1,087,197 concurrent players had been clocked playing CS:GO.

CS:GO player stats from May 2021 to August 2022

The interesting takeaway from this is that back then a loss of 63,457.6 players had been observed which translated to a loss of 8.77% but this time there is a gain of 18,790.4 players.

It will be interesting to see if this peak further increases as we draw closer to CS:GO's tenth birthday or maybe even later this year anytime near the IEM Rio Major 2022.

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