IEM Rio Major 2022 Challengers Stage: Pick'Em Predictions


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IEM Rio Major Challengers Stage Pick'Em Predictions by CS:GO Pros and Talents

Time to get a good head start for the Pick'Em Challenge.

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Most of the players and talents have chosen Grayhound as the team that will most likely go '0-3' in the Challengers Stage of IEM Rio Major 2022.
The best picks for the seven qualifying teams are Cloud9, OG, Outsiders, FURIA, Vitality, Fnatic, and MOUZ.
There is a lot of variance in selection when it comes to the '3-0' slot.

One of the most popular aspects of the Rio 2022 Viewer Pass is the Pick'Em Challenge which is available for each stage of the Major. With the IEM Rio Major 2022: Challengers Stage about to start in a few hours, users ought to be scurrying to get their Pick'Em Predictions in order before they get locked.

To help out with some last-minute suggestions, sort out any decision making roadblocks, or simply provide the lazy ones out there with multiple options to copy directly, here are some Pick'Em Predictions by professional CS:GO players, talents, and personalities.

IEM Rio Major 2022 Challenger Stage Pick'Em Predictions

It is almost impossible to accurately predict all the picks, with only a handful of players getting everything correct in the Pick'Em Challenge. However, there are ways to get the best possible picks in place by taking suggestions and cues from various CS:GO players, talents, and personalities.

Here are more than 15 different predictions to help users out with their own Pick'Em Predictions for the Challengers Stage of the CS:GO Major.

Hope this is enough to help all the users make a better overall decision when selecting their respective picks for the first stage of the Pick'Em Challenge.

For those users who are confused as to how the Pick'Em challenge works, here is a brief to get you up to speed:

  • The pre-requisite to playing the Pick'Em challenge is that you should purchase the Rio 2022 Viewer Pass.

  • For the first two stages of the tournament - Challengers Stage and Legends Stage:

    You need to guess one team that will advance without losing a single match with a clean '3-0' scoreline.

    One team that will be eliminated without winning a single match with a '0-3' scoreline.

    Seven other teams that are likely to qualify for the next stage.

  • In the Pick'Em predictions for the first two stages, you need to get at least five predictions right in order to upgrade the event coin and earn a Souvenir Token.

  • For the final stage of the tournament, you need to fill out the complete playoffs bracket and try predicting the following:

    Two teams to reach the semifinals.

    One team to reach the grand finals.

    The team that wins the IEM Rio Major 2022.

This covers all the information for the Pick'Em challenge, so now you can go ahead and claim that diamond coin confidently without any further doubts and get up to three Souvenir Tokens along the way as well.

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