Grayhound Pulls Massive Upset At IEM Rio Major 2022


Grayhound Pulls Massive Upset at IEM Rio Major 2022: "F**k your Pick’ems"

A huge shock has rattled the CS:GO community!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Grayhound defeated Cloud9 in the second round to cause a huge upset at the IEM Rio Major 2022.
This result has disrupted the majority of the Pick'Em Predictions for the '0-3' slot whilst also sending Cloud9 to the elimination bracket.
If Cloud9 faces early elimination, the Pick'Em Predictions for the Challengers Stage will be in further distress.

Talking about some of the biggest upsets occurring in CS:GO tournaments this year, a massive one occurred on the opening day of the IEM Rio Major 2022 as Grayhound defeated Cloud9 in an overtime hustle.

The results of this particular match disrupted Pick'Em Predictions for the majority, evoking a community-wide reaction. Almost every other user had predicted that Grayhound could be the team that would potentially go '0-3' during the Challengers Stage of the Major.

However, the heavily stacked odds against the Australian side seems to have motivated the team to defeat Cloud9, pushing it one loss away from a truly unexpected early elimination.

Alistair after Grayhound defeated Cloud9 at IEM Rio Major 2022

Grayhound spoils majority Pick'Em Predictions by handing Cloud9 a shocking defeat at IEM Rio Major 2022

One of the biggest CS:GO tournaments to ever take place, IEM Rio Major 2022, has kicked off in front of a really passionate Brazilian crowd at the Riocentro and it has surely managed to keep up with all the hype.

From all the Brazilian participants underperforming in the opening round of the tournament to some of the most unexpected teams claiming the '2-0' spots, the opening day of the Rio Major has witnessed a burst of emotions. However, nothing compares to the community-wide shock that was delivered following the conclusion of the very last match between Cloud9 and Grayhound.

With the Australian side pulling off a huge upset win on Dust 2 after a tense overtime face-off, Pick'Em Predictions for the Challengers Stage went for a toss. Emotions went astray and Alistair "aliStair" Johnston released his pent up stress by shouting - "F**K YOUR PICK'EMS".

Grayhound had done well in the second half of Dust 2 playing as CT, coming back from a '5-10' deficit to reach the map point first, but failed to claim the map as Cloud9 pushed things to overtime. Here, once again the Aussies showcased their superior teamwork to get an upperhand and claimed victory with a '19-17' scoreline.

With this win, not only did Grayhound reach the '1-1' bracket but pushed Cloud9 further down to the eliminator, now just one loss away from flying back home and leaving the Pick'Em Predictions in the worst possible situation.

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