FalleN Officially Confirms 'The Last Dance' CS:GO Project


FalleN Confirms ‘The Last Dance’ CS:GO Project, Explains Why He Wants to Do It

The highly anticipated Brazilian CS:GO project has been officially confirmed.

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Brazilian Counter-Strike legend, Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo, has confirmed 'The Last Dance' project while also explaining why he wants to do it.
FalleN said that he left the greatest stability he's found in his career (Liquid) to once again play with a Brazilian lineup for his "last sprint".
FalleN states that this could be the last team he plays CS:GO with professionally, so he wants to do it with people who have common values with him.

Brazilian Counter-Strike legend, Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo, has officially confirmed 'The Last Dance' project which reportedly involves multiple high profile players. Just a day after bidding an emotional farewell to Team Liquid, FalleN on 14th January released a video on his official YouTube channel explaining why he decided to setup this last dance.

Through this announcement, FalleN has created a lot of hype about the project while also sharing his intention behind doing it in the first place. Additionally, he has also teased and hinted towards the potential Brazilian players who could be joining the team in the coming days.

FalleN explains why he decided to set up 'The Last Dance' CS:GO project

In the announcement, FalleN revealed that he had taken the decision of returning to a Brazilian CS:GO team right after the PGL Major Stockholm 2021. His journey with Team Liquid did not go as planned and it became clear that the team would be undergoing changes, so he left "the greatest stability he's found in his career" and decided to once again play with a Brazilian lineup for his "last sprint".

The 30-year-old went on to explain why he wants to play the last stage of his career with a Brazilian roster,

The warmth, the affection that exists in all day-to-day relationships, the companionship, the challenge of facing adversity together in search of the same goal and always being happy for playing one more game are the most important things for me. I want to be on the side of people choosing by hand. If I know that you are with me, it will have been worth it.
Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo

FalleN mentioned several times that this project could be the last team he plays competitive CS:GO with professionally, so he wants to play with people who have a lot of "common values" with him.

I was never about to play just for myself, it was never about playing for the money, for the fame, where it's easiest, or for learning on my own. It was always about playing for something I believed in - people to be better in game and in life, who transform communities positively.
Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo

The two-time Major champion wants this journey to be unforgettable and states that though there are "uncertainties, insecurities, fear, and many other risks involved with this decision," he is sure they will fight them and grow together.

Towards the end, to hype up the community and their supporters FalleN goes on to ask the question, "So, who's coming with me to the last dance?"

FalleN has further announced that another video will be releasing on his YouTube channel tomorrow, which might give more information pertaining to the roster and other such details.

FalleN announcing the release of another video

For now, the complete lineup has not been officially announced. However, there was some recent footage shared with Ricardo "boltz" Prass and Lincoln "fnx" Lau. The footage more or less confirms them as part of the upcoming lineup.

Apart from them, the other players reported to join this roster are Vinicius "VINI" Figueiredo and Fernando "fer" Alvarenga, while the organization that is speculated to sign them is Imperial Esports.

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