CS:GO Pro XANTARES Apparently Permanently Banned From Twitch


CS:GO Pro XANTARES Allegedly Permanently Banned From Twitch

XANTARES seems to have been permanently banned from Twitch.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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BIG's entry fragger XANTARES has apparently been permanently banned from Twitch for "community violation".
This comes a day after XANTARES had reported receiving a Twitch ban, but not knowing the reason behind this action.
This is the second time XANTARES has been banned from the platform, following his Twitch ban from April 2020.

Entry fragger for German esports organization BIG, İsmailсan "XANTARES" Dörtkardeş has been apparently handed a permanent ban by Twitch. As per a Tweet posted by XANTARES yesterday, the reason behind his permaban from the platform seems to be due to a "community violation". This comes just a day after XANTARES had originally broken the news about him getting a Twitch ban, without knowing the exact reason for it. Initially, the community thought it was a regular week-long ban that has been handed to several other streamers in the past, including one of the best CS:GO players in the world Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev.

However, the problem seems to have worsened exponentially with the exact reason still unknown, as Twitch seems to have simply labelled it under the tag of 'community violation'.

XANTARES Permanently Banned From Twitch?

The creator of the famous 'XANTARES Peek' seems to have suffered a permanent ban from Twitch. The proper reason for this action is still unclear with Twitch simply putting it under the category of 'community violation'.

XANTARES had initially revealed on 28 June that he had been banned from Twitch, but he was unaware of the reason behind it. The 25-year-old stated, "I got banned from Twitch guys, I don't know why but I definitely deserve it, it's not their fault".

He further revealed having received no email about how long the ban would last, or since when would he be able to stream again on the platform. However, the majority of the community speculated that it would be a normal seven day ban, as this was just XANTARES' second Twitch ban following the one that he had received in April 2020.

XANTARES was last seen in action along with BIG at the recently concluded Gamers Without Borders 2021, the tournament which they went on to win. When it comes to streaming, he was last seen playing CS:GO on Twitch for two hours and 17 minutes on 27 June, following which he was handed the ban.

With more than 500.000 followers on Twitch before his account was suspended, XANTARES was quite popular on the platform, often streaming PUGs and FPL matches to engage with the community.

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