Twitch Bans XANTARES and Zeus for Alleged Usage of Homophobic Slurs

Twitch Bans XANTARES and Zeus for Alleged Usage of Homophobic Slurs

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Two CS:GO players XANTARES and Zeus have been banned from Twitch in the last 24-hours.

  • Xantares allegedly used a homophobic slur in Turkish while also threatening a user.

  • Zeus was banned for supposedly using a homophobic slur in Russian.

Two CS:GO players have been banned from Twitch in the last 24-hours. Ismailcan "XANTARES" Dörtkardes who currently plays as a rifler for the German esports organization BIG was banned in the early hours of 20th April, followed by retired professional CS:GO player Danylo "Zeus" Teslenko also facing a ban last night.

While the reasoning behind their respective bans is still unclear as Twitch from their side does not reveal the reason behind banning a certain channel, a few Reddit users alleged that XANTARES was banned for using a homophobic slur in Turkish.

While this seems like a valid reason for banning his channel, a Twitter user had an altogether different story to tell which he reasoned to be the incident cause of which the Turk had been banned, he states that there was a moment when XANTARES was plugging his mouse during which he was breathing into his mic, so a user said in Turkish that he (XANTARES) was "breathing like a pig," to which the player responded by saying "I will kill you," in Turkish, which is a direct threat to someone.

While both the incidents are enough to land a Twitch ban, it is still unclear which one of them is true or maybe they both might have occurred during the stream session.

The retired Ukrainian who has represented Na'Vi in the past Zeus was also handed a ban and according to a Twitter user, it was because of him using a homophobic slur in Russian.

The words used by the following players are cleary against Twitch’s terms of service (ToS) and even if they were used casually, not pointed towards an individual, it is not the right thing to do morally. Being professional players who influence a lot of other people and are a prominent figure within the community, they should be extra careful about such things and Twitch is doing quite well by implementing these bans swiftly, without being partial.

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